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DO NOT buy from Original Green Grow, AKA

I attempted to purchase a grow tent package from Original Green Grow, which is their Original Green Grow Box 2.0, via PayPal. This 'company' took 2 weeks to respond to requests from me concerning the shipping time. When they finally did get back to me, they wouldn't give me a straight answer as to why the product wasn't shipped. I opened a dispute with PayPal, and they finally agreed to refund my money...still with no explanation as to why the product wasn't shipped. That was over a week ago, and still no refund. which is also known as Original Green Grow, is a SCAM! Do not buy grow products from them.
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SAME Experience but mine was worse. It took them forever to get back to me and the product took 5 weeks to ship.

They kept saying it was on the way and should be there next week. Weeks would pass.

I finally opened the boxes and I had everything besides the hydro kit. I had the tent, light, ventilation, etc....but nothing to plant in, no mix, and ABSOLUTELY NO INSTRUCTIONS.

IT's too bad because everything else looks really high quality, but this is obviously a scam with the delivery and now I have to order hydro from someone else even though I payed for it.

NEVER will purchase anything from them again. The shipping problems alone show this is an unreliable company.

Spend your money elsewhere and build your own kit. It's what I should have done.


That sucks bro, I have gotten a couple grow setups from them and they def got the best price.... I asked them if they were having problems cause im about to order and they told me they had gotten a new supplier and it was good now...

You get any other grow boxes? always worth looking around for new ones


FINALLY received my refund. But, it took PayPal to get this done for me.

This company didn't even know that I wasn't refunded. This company kept telling me that I received a refund, which I didn't, and it took the good folks at PayPal to get my refund for me, finally, after telling these people, over and over, that I never received my refund.

At least it is over, finally. AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!


You have been refunded via PayPal for days...

We have done everything we can to solve this as fast as possible.

I am sorry we did not get you your product in the way you see fit.

We apologize for your inconvenience and wish you luck in your future growing operations.

Please do not accuse us of stealing. We have been a great company from the start, working to help those in need.

We are very sorry to see such a angry unhappy customer. Please feel free to contact us again if you need any help with you growing.

@Original green grow

you backpedal wonderfully...


Still blatantly lying. This order was never shipped, so how can you be waiting to 'confirm' it is back at your warehouse??

You told me in a previous email, right after I purchased, that you would send me tracking info 'as soon as this item was shipped'. If you did indeed ship it, then why wasn't there tracking info sent to me, or to my account which is still on your website?? And, even if you did ship it, it has been 3 weeks would have made it back to your warehouse. So, why don't you send me the shipping information, then?

If you shipped it, send me the original tracking number. You're ridiculous, and so are your lies.


I am so sorry you feel that our company is a scam, however we have replied to your requests and will be refunding you fully after your shipment is confirmed to be back at our warehouse.

We are sorry your order did not arrive in the normal 1.5 week delivery time. This does happen when we have large sales and many orders to fill.

We will be doing everything in our power to make sure you are satisfied with the final result of dealing with our company.

Again we cannot apologize enough for the delay and confusion of your order. Good luck with your grow!


Original Green Grow always says, "Good luck with your grow!" However, I have been waiting 5 1/2 months and still have not received my unit or refund. I guess I did no have good luck with my grow since Original Green Grow prevented me from growing.


You are a lying sack of ***. You stole my money. *** you.

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