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Xlibris - Glorified Printers.

This won't be the only time I write my complaint my friends! You will have to watch this space and with your input I will hopefully be done with the likes of Xlibris. In my humble opinion they are only "Glorified Printers" feeding off vulnerable Authors wanting to put their book into print and make an income from it. Well, I am one of those "would be Authors". It's not over yet!! After receiving an email from them offering their services to publish my book and to send them my manuscript for evaluation. I did this and waited with baited breath, then finally I received a response. They had read my manuscript and loved it, wanted to publish it!!! I can only say that my ego kicked in!! Wow, an author's dream! I called my children and close friends with the news, we celebrated and waited to hear from them. The Contract came immediately for me to sign. It seemed all very straight forward, even allowing me the option of "Ending the contract" whenever I wanted, allowed me to promote the book myself, and even take on other publishers! Most reasonable! I have to first tell you that I am an artist and the stories were for children. Being computer literate (mostly) I had already put together the book into e-book form, completely written and illustrated. However, I had not done the finale dialogue editing and "figured" that being a publisher, they would have editors who would do this?...hmmm... wrong! Whenever I saw a mistake (on my behalf) I would email them promptly asking them to make the change (could be something quite small like adding an "S" to a word or deleting a whole line.... well, you only get a few changes for free, then you get CHARGED for each change. I had even designed the front cover but they kept telling me that changes had to be made, then eventually I received a massive account.... The problem here is that with each time you either change or add something, you will get hit up with a fee. Then befor it is complete, they "upsell" marketing programs that are going to cost you again, even before it has been launched! Right now I am pulling my contract apart and looking for sites like this, in the hope that someone out there has passed this point and know where to go from here! What about isbn's.... if I decide to pull out, do I take my isbn's with me or are they the property of the publisher? The contract, even though they allow you to publish elsewhere and end their contract in writing, they also say that the work they have done stays "THEIRS".... does that mean they own my copyrite and interlectual property rights???? Authors beware, and if anyone has passed the point I am at please respond..... Watch this space!!! Right now, I am p
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