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Shoemint is a total scam.

The people who came up with Shoemint's deceitful business model lack integrity and decency and should be embarrassed at the way they're doing business and treating people. They fool you into thinking you're simply making a purchase, and then start billing your card every month without informing you directly upfront. Then when you ask for a refund, they refuse to give your money back. Be careful of this scam. I bought a pair of shoes in February, and they charged my card for two months afterwards, until i caught it and asked for the money back. They told me they couldn't issue a refund (problem #1), but that I should buy two pairs of shoes instead to spend my credits. I went on their site and did that, but because I didn't buy two pairs for the exact price of $79.98 each, (because there are barely any shoes that cost exactly $79.98!!!) they deceitfully re-activated my membership and continued to charge my card. No email, no notice, nothing. Just kept taking money out of my account each month. It's disgusting. Just because you put something in the fine print, doesn't mean you are being truthful and forthcoming with people. Saying the truth means communicating it up-front and doing it clearly. Hiding the fact that you're going to charge my card each month in the fine print isn't telling the truth. It's just as bad as lying. Attempting to get ahead by fooling your customers is a dirty way of doing business. Creating an incredibly confusing system of "credits" that are worth a precise $79.98 and then putting a bunch of stuff on your site that is not that amount, is just wrong. It tricks people into thinking they're spending your *** credits when they're really not. Shoemint confuses their customers and then takes their money. These people should be ashamed of themselves.
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I am very sorry to hear about your negative experience with Shoemint. Hello!

I just wanted to take the time to explain how ShoeMint works. After the first credit card purchase that enrolls you in our preferred membership where you can either "skip the month" or a $79.98 store credit is placed into your account. Skipping the month is very easy! You would just have to log into your account and click "skip the month" in the top right hand corner between the 1st-5th. Once you click that link and confirm the skip, you are not billed anything! There is never an obligation to pay and essentially the membership can be completely free.

If you wanted to read further into our membership it is explained in a paragraph disclaimer directly under the "purchase" button at checkout, on your confirmation email after your first purchase, on our promotional emails as well as our FAQs, Terms of Service and How it works page.

Other benefits of our membership include a personalized showroom based on the style quiz our customers take at sign up. Keep in mind, that all products are available for purchase. You do not have to solely pick from your showroom selection. We also offer Mintsider rewards points after each purchase you make on our site. You receive 10 points for each dollar you spend. These points can be redeemed for free merchandise. We also constantly have promotional offers for our preferred members. They could include free gifts with purchase, a percentage off ShoeMint shoes, double Mint rewards and many more!

In regards to returns, all Mints offer prepaid return labels. If you were not satisfied with your purchase, you would just need to contact customer care within our return policy time period of 30 days and they would be happy to assist you with a return or exchange.

If anyone ever has additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact customer care at: shoemint 888-483-****, customercare@***.com or live chat with us. Have a wonderful day!


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