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Apple 30Gb Ipods Suck

I bought a 30gb ipod a couple of years ago. Anyways, after buying the Ipod it worked great for like a week, then one day I went to turn it on and I got an ipod symbol with a sick, dead looking Ipod. I tried everything to revive my Ipod and nothing worked. I then got a hold of Apple and they replaced my ipod only for it to have the same symbol 1 week later. They refused to return it saying there was something wrong with my computer. Other mp3 players worked just fine on my computer. I finally decided maybe it was my computer, but then my boyfriend got the same 30Gb Ipod and yet again his went to ***, and he was using a different computer that he just bought. So in conclusion Ipods are just 300 dollar pieces of metal to me.
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June 11, 2009

Apple Care Service

I’m very dissatisfied with the diagnostic evaluation that was performed on my iPod. There is no evidence of any external force, physical damage, of even a scratch. While listening to music the screen went white and then stopped. I find it easy for your company to simply pass this off as a damaged product to save money but let me make it clear I WILL NEVER AND ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS IF THIS IS NOT FIXED. I will give you one more chance to abide to the warranty that you so claim to guarantee. For the price of $150, and only one year warranty, I would expect your product to last longer than five months. Inside the return box that you sent back to my house was my original iPod and a copy of a mass printed APPLE CARE SERVICE FORM. The iPod was left to flop around inside the box unsecured with no support foam. Is this how all iPods are shipped??? The mass printed APPLE CARE SERVICE FORM looks to be a standard practice that your company just shipped back the customer. I think that my iPod was never inspected or troubelshooted to determine the problem. It probably never made it to a technician. In fact, I think someone is in place to receive, open the box, shove in a mass printed APPLE CARE SERVICE FORM, and send it back to the customer. Maybe he will pay more money to repair the problem. I’m will sent this to all my e-mail accounts and to the consumer report business.


An ipod is not an MP3 player. Sorry but it is not. Have you tried google and tried to fix the problem yourself instead of relying on others?

"So in conclusion Ipods are just 300 dollar pieces of metal to me."

And your PC is a lot more expensice piece of metal too I guess.

One wakes up everyday don't they?

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