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Pepperdine University: The Felon Friendly University that Screws People!

The Felon Friendly University that DOESN’T care how AWFUL you’re as long as you can PAY CASH!!! This is really an AWFUL corporation with a long history of murder, embezzlement, suspicious fires, evacuations, law breaking, greed, drunk driving, corporate crime, thugery, back room deals, and misogyny. There is also a history of Pepperdine affiliates murdering people and lawyering up so they can’t be held accountable. The California Attorney General’s office has accused Pepperdine of fraud for the embezzlement of money paid to it by their students?? Pepperdine has a history of suspicious fires (i.e. Irvine, 1994). This had to be the only building in Orange County that did not have a state of the art fire suppression system??? Chancellor M. Norvel Young killed 2 women and injured a 3rd in a fiery crash after consuming alcohol and got NO jail time after calling in some favors from Law Enforcement. Pepperdine student John Frederick Anderson is sentenced to prison for killing 2 people for the fun of it. Pepperdine's Charles Lane shot 15 year old Larry Kimmons with a shotgun because he was black just like George Zimmerman did to Trayvon Martin but only had to pay a $500.00 fine because he had a “good” lawyer. Christopher A. Benton, son of Pepperdine President Andrew K. Benton is suspected of injecting Katie Wilkins with heroine and then abandoning her, using her car as get-away vehicle, instead of calling 911 and getting her “naloxone therapy” to save her life. Ms. Wilkin’s BMW Z3 was found weeks later wiped clean of fingerprints. Christopher A. Benton, subsequently threatened his father on the Pepperdine campus with a gun and death threats and is currently in jail, but HE’LL BE BACK shortly! Being a “good father” Andrew Benton got his son an expensive attorney so he could LAWYER UP! Student Tabetha Garibay Hoult robbed a bank for tuition money and got off with only 6 months home detention and a home study course? Watch out for Pepperdine Psychology Professor Robert Stanley Weathers because he sleeps with his students and patients alike. Pepperdine Student John Wesley Jermyn is homeless, suffers from schizophrenia, and prefers to be paid in food, liquor, and paper. Pepperdine President William Banowski engages in “insider trading” so he can get more pay, but was caught by the SEC. Professor Joseph V. Nash went to jail for bank fraud and other accounting tricks. Pepperdine regent Richard Mellon Scaife refers to a female reporter as “you *** Communist C***… Get Out of Here…!” and also sleeps with *** Pepperdine has received millions of dollars in “aid” from the “Axis of Evil” (i.e. Iran). Pepperdine has calculated that it’s cheaper to violate California Laws than comply because The Law doesn’t care so why should they??? Carol Anne Brown, a minor, was injured when she fell down the shaft of a broken elevator;. Phil Shiner says Pepperdine paid $10,000,000,00 for violations of the *** Abatement Ordinance” and the Baldwin Hills arson fire. Pepperdine also has a history of “mass evacuations” when the wild fires strike Malibu|. Cary O’Neal was threatened with a SLAPP suit by Pepperdine after he reported the university for dumping sewage in the Pacific Ocean. This school will saddle you with a “hundreds of thousands” in debt while learning their morally and ethically bankrupt way of doing things and it will take forever to pay it back so you can pretty much kiss the American Dream goodbye'. Reid Poole was injured as a Pepperdine athlete and had to sue Pepperdine University for health-care. There is even a guy named Pepperdine in Europe who was charged with murder way back! Instead of networking events and a job they’ll throw you a pizza party, paid for with your own tuition and fees. DEMAND TO SEE THEIR CLUE REPORT BECAUSE THIS IS ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG! Christianity as defined by Pepperdine University and its “church” is whatever you can get away with!!! Sources: Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal (before Murdoch), Columbia Journalism Review, and Internet!
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