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Vivint #681171
Don't let them in. Don't let them on your property and for goodness sake don't agree to anything. Oh! and record your support calls (*they* ask permission so it is OK, do it, you will need it).

I was excited about the equipment, especially the cellular call out in case the lines were out. I was looking forward to the internet based home automation stuff.

Our home burned to the ground in less than 24 hours after the cellular wireless system was installed. Oddly the point of origin was where the install tech had cut the prior system's wires. We have been assured this was purely coincidence.
The alarm did not go off until after my family had exited at 4AM.
If we had still been in the house when the alarm did finally work we would have all died there.

We called, even with children in the hospital and burns on our bodies, within 24 hours of that to request cancellation of the service, at which time we were told by support@***.com that the tech would look into what we needed to do, and that we should wait for a return call and a tech would verify the total destruction of our home and everything in it.
The tech couldn't believe he
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You can't blame Vivint for your discretion. It was your decision to be frugal, and make the technician perform a hard wire takeover on someone else's equipment. Furthermore you can't blame them for someone else's equipment failing to detect the fire as fast as Vivint's could have.
These are all situations you yourself put you and your family into. I am sorry for your loss, and I understand entirely how it feels, having been homeless for three years after being kicked out of my house as a ***. However, those were your decisions that put your family in jeopardy, not Vivint's. When you say "I want you to take over this system" they tell you that they don't recommend it SPECIFICALLY for that purpose. They don't know how it was put into your home, or whether they did things right. They don't know how reliable the technician was, or the equipment, and we don't warranty it if anything happens to it. Those are all reasons to avoid it, yet persons who decide they want to save a few bucks put their families and their lives in danger just because they would rather be "smart with their money."
Fine, be smart with your money. Don't get used to having equipment in your h
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