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PBS Fences And More By Patrick Beals - Building Contractor Never Finished Job

I had submitted a quote for the having the following projects done by Patrick: Install 3 bathroom sink faucet and put drywall up on studs and prepare for painting. Patrick and his helper Alex, were on time and sold their services well. At first glance, they are friendly people - and promise you the world in how the final project will look. Patrick had told me that he was a concrete expert and could make my concrete look amazing If I would pay him to reseal it. After I said "no", three times, I gave in and had him do the job. They didn't finish the drywall, but assured me that they would finish it the following day when they did the concrete. 1st problem - Patrick charged me $75 more dollars more for the faucets because his they had to do additional work - if there was going to be an additional charge, why wouldn't you mention it before you did the work, not when you collect. Patrick and Alex asked for a drink - not a problem - but if you are running a business, taking a beer, may not help create that professional image.- 2nd problem. The concrete resealing did not take well after their project was complete. Patrick blamed it on the previous company that did the work. The concrete was now all blotchy. Before I could ask or request anything - Patrick volunteered that he would pay for the material, but I would have to pay for the labor because he wasn't prepared to take a loss on the job. He asked for an additional $200 to the job. At this time, I felt like I had no choice but to pay him for his services since my concrete looked this way. 3rd problem - Even though he made a mistake - Patrick expected me to cover his time when he was the one who assured me beforehand that he knew what he was doing. 4th problem - the Coors light can left in my garbage can from him and Alex. 5th problem - the didn't protect the tile, artificial grass, or be careful around the plants when painting the concrete. Therefore, paint stain was on plants, rocks, pool tile, and artificial grass that they never cleaned up. 6th problem - they claim they use products from Spec West - swore up and down it was - which attributed for cost on materials, Product was from Home Depot and according to the manufacturer of the paint, stain, Home Depot and Sherwin Williams - Patrick had used the wrong type of paint/stain for concrete that not only had foot traffic, but was around a pool. Patrick argued that he just did what his boss told him to do - I was under the impression he was the boss?!?!? 7th Problem - The drywall was never complete. The drywall tape was never feather up and the drywall was cut poorly and unevenly. This is why I hired a "pro" for the job. Unfortunately, like the other projects, Patrick blames Alex for the problems. With all of these projects, Patrick was also to build a small awning over my back patio, this was decided before all these problems began adding up. We were scheduling projects before others were done - and I knew better to do this - but he was very convincing on it all getting done and looking amazing. The awning ended up being nothing like promised. It is very uneven, unpainted in certain sections and the wood was not sanded and the angels for the awning are different throughout, which causes the awning to appear lopsided (like it needs a V8). 8th Problem - Patrick said that the bill would be $600 if paid credit card and less if I paid by cash. This was for the awning alone. When I paid by credit card, he ran it for $675. He said because now he has to pay taxes on it. I told him that is why he said $600 by credit card in the first place. He seriously just laughed it off and moved on. It has now been almost 2 months since he and Alex were last at my house and none of the projects have been completed or fixed - although he has scheduled 6 times that either him or Alex were scheduled to come out and do it. Each time, he says that he has already paid Alex, his helper to do the work - which he then put the responsibility on Alex to complete it. Alex was supposed to be put here yesterday at 8:00am, then only when I made contact, was I told it would be noon. When no one showed up by 2pm _ I was told that Alex would be here by 8am on 4th of July. By 10:45am - no one showed. At Noon, I texted Patrick and asked him how could he allow this to keep happening - his reply at that time was he was on his way ASAP. It's 10:00pm and no one has showed up, When I texted Patrick and asked what was going on - he said Alex told him that he completed everything?!?!?! Patrick Beals is deceitful and dishonest and doesn't perform the work like you agree to, I just found out that he isn't licensed either, although he claims to be by showing you cards in his wallet. I rarely write reviews and when I read them, I usually try and give the business the benefit of the doubt because people can sometimes be over-dramatic. I hope I explained it well enough to make you think twice before hiring Patrick Beals/ PB's Fences.
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