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Senseless, Unlawful Age Discrimination

POF #680439
Marcus has imposed a new limitation on the ages of people you can contact. You cannot contact anyone more than 14-years older/younger than you are. So, 42-year-old marchspirit can only receive messages from someone within the ages of 28 to 56.

I find it strange that you got the message that marchspirit is "not accepting messages from someone of your age or gender." In her profile on POF she doesn't have mail settings to block anyone of any age from contacting her. The message you received should have read "Marcus himself doesn't want someone of your age from contacting a woman who is more than 14 years younger than you are."
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Too fat for love?

POF #680428
Of course, the simple way to avoid all this would be to list the weight in pounds, instead "BBW", "few extra pounds", "average", etc. These are subjective interpretations of your body as you would like others to see you. Many women are very sensitive about their weight, moreso than their age. If a guy says he doesn't want to receive messages from a woman weighing more than say 150 lb., he's eliminating many normal women. A woman who is 5'-8" tall and weighs 150 lb. has a BMI of 22.8 and is not considered overweight.
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Markus has no right to dictate who we can/cannot chat with

POF #672877
I don't see what the problem is. If an 18-year old woman doesn't want to receive messages from a 50-year old man, all she has to do is to review her profile and adjust her mail messages to not receive messages from 50-year old (or any age) men. Marcus apparently doesn't believe 18-year old women are mature enough to make that decision on their own. He should raise the membership age to 21.
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