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Mattress Firm - Pathetic Customer Service

I had just purchased a new bed frame and box spring at a Mattress firm store by my house. The salesman was very nice and helpful, we've done a lot of business with them before. I went to the local distribution warehouse and entered the office. I stood there like an *** for about 45 seconds waiting to be greeted. There was no one but us two. Then he held out his hand and I handed him the confirmation page. He looked at it then handed it back and said "go to door 2" and turned away again. I walked out then went to door one because a car was parked in door 2. There were three men there just talking staring at the computer screen. I stood there like an *** again for about a minute. Then a guy walked away from the computer to me. He held out his hand and I handed the form to him and walked away. I stood there for another 2 minutes and wondered what was going on. Then he came back with the bed frame and box spring. He told me to back my truck up and I did. They loaded it in and said "okay." That was it. I'm not saying this is horrific or tragic or was wronged but it is really bad customer service. I work in retail and I am always (well almost always) friendly and helpful. I have bad days like everyone. I usually defend businesses on here but not this one. 5 people can't all have a bad day where they don't even say "Hello, how can I help you?" Or "Thanks, you're good to go!" Sorry if I have any typos or mistakes, I'm typing this on my phone!
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Perhaps a greeting was in line but as you stated you waited 45 seconds to be acknowledged and then another minute before someone assisted you. granted it wasn't smiles and cheer.

Generally speaking the people who work in these warehouses do not encounter customers the same way that a retail sales person would. It should be noted that anyone with knowledge of warehouse work it usually requires people moving around heavy objects and freight this can be a grueling and demanding job as with any human-being sometimes after a very laborious day the niceties can be lost.

In looking at the big picture at the store you experienced a pleasant sales person who realized that good customer service is his or her bread-and-butter in the scheme of things you probably received exactly what you had requested at a price that you felt was a reasonable sometimes in these situations it is necessary for the consumer to set set the tone it is very seldom that if you smile and put out your hand that it will not be reciprocated. Bringing joy and a smile to others is priceless be happy


So your mattress was loaded and you were gone in less than 10 minutes? That's pretty good, also consider that these guys work in a warehouse they are probably not very personable, that's why they work in a warehouse!!


True, but it was just me and another guy. Although, it wasn't just the guys in the warehouse, also the guy in the office.


Don't bother with "Anonymous". That person is a troll that works for Mattress Firm. If you read some other reviews this troll always defends The Firm, even when they are clearly in the wrong - like when they knowingly deceive customers into buying USED mattresses.


You're an ***.


I'm an *** am I? Would you like to elaborate Mr. Anonymous?

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