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Apple Time Capsule-No Power- Data Recovery voids Warranty

I purchased a Time Capsule in December. Monday, June 23rd, I saw the power light was off, and wifi was down. I took it to the Genius Bar where they tested it could not get power, and told me I was under warranty, they would replace it. So I asked about my 6 months of data. I was told that if the box was opened and data retrieved, it would void the warranty. So - my choice is to lose my data or $299 (cost of Time Capsule). When I return to Apple to pick up the new TC, I hand over my data to Apple. It can't be erased by me - I can't recover it and my data is potentially "out there" in Apple land. I have been buying Apple products since the '80's. This is disturbing. What can I do? I either lose $299 or 6 months of backup - as a graphic designer/photographer - I can't even imagine the value of my loss.
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The hard drive isn't dead the power supply inside the unit died. You can take it apart and install the hard drive inside your computer and retrieve your data.


Recovering data from a hard drive that is truly mechanically defective will cost far more than $300, and is not the type of procedure that can be done in an Apple Store. If you value the data enough to have it restored professionally, buying a replacement Time Capsule will be a fairly insignificant investment if a warranty replacement means loss of data.


You should have been backing up your data if it was that important, instead of only keeping it in one place. You had a HD fail - it happens. Just be happy it happened while you were still under warranty.


your computer is not broken right? if so then u r not losing any data.

why would u want to erase/retrieve data from TC? you have child *** in it?

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