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Settlement Room not honoring prior committments

SettlementRoom #668355
Within 3 hours after having access to the account, I realized that the sales person had not represented to software properly to me. When I asked him if I could cancel it he told me no. My husband then got involved, and again we clearly explained that I had a misunderstanding of the software (which could only come from the salesperson, as a free trial is not offered). My husband then reached out to the sales manager, who stated that he would call me husband back since he was "boarding a plane." It is now a week later and we still have not heard from him, we have tried calling multiple times, we have tried emailing. I have received NO training on the product and now have NO desire to associate myself with a company with such poor customer service. I had even given this software to my broker to look into front office software, and when the lack of understanding and communication took place, I quickly told her to NOT pursue any software with emphasys. It is very very disappointing. And makes no sense. I am asking for a full refund and cancellation of the contract. If there is someone available who can actually speak to my husband (as it was his payment card that was used) we would appreciate it.

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We have used SettlementRoom for many years since it was acquired by Emphasys Software. Its a great system for brokers and customer service has been great for us. Sorry to hear about your experience