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Wells Fargo is the BEST bank ever...

I don't understand people's problems with Wells Fargo. For one, they are by far the most friendly people I've ever dealt with in a bank setting. I do understand, though, that it is an annoying friendly at times; like it's too phony. Also, they were willing to open an account for me, when nobody else would; I didn't even have the $100 open fee. I have never dealt with a better bank. They always answer their phones and follow through on home calls. The online banking is the best I've ever used and being able to get fraud alerts sent to you and getting your balance texted to you in seconds on request, come on. Anyone who has problems at Wells Fargo, probably deserves it. Like the guy who complains about them giving attitude over being "ONLY 5 days LATE" on a a payment, DUDE! YOU WERE LATE!
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I've been with wells Fargo for 20 years, and never in my life bounced a check or had any other financial issue due to personal responsibility lapse. I'm also a degreed proffessional.

Last recession I managed to survive, this recession is hitting particularly hard. As soon as Wellls Fargo smelled a weakness, instead of being willing to work wioth me with good faith payments for a little while (I've been out of full time work for over a year now due to the recession, and my income is 1/4 of what it used to be), Wells Fargo is hitting me with any possible fee they can dream up, and trying to liquidate any assets that I may have left.

Their collection people are the worst I ever dealt with. I had a slim period during the last recession, and worked with American Express Credit, and with Discovery card Credit, and Capital One. All of them allowed me to make smaller payments for 6 months to a year, during the worst recession period. When I recovered, I paid them back every penny I owed. No chargeoffs or settlemets for a lower amount.

Wells fargo, on the other hand is manipulating. First they closed my business credit line without notifying me (it was current, and not even close to the limit. Maybe half ways, and being paid monthly very significantly over the minimum payment). The sudden credit line closure with no notification resulted in $2000 in fees they tacked onto my credit, explaining it's the usage of a closed credit line, and over the limit fees, and are holding me responsible for. They also jacked up the interest rate from 12% to 25%. A year ago I still had some business going, and was going to *** the bullet and pay the fees. Since then business dried out even more, and I couldn't keep up with $600 or more/mo business credit payments.

Over the last year, Wells Fargo VERY RUDELY refused any reduced good faith payment offers (and making them) on my part. They insist on being paid for it, and be paid now. Their way or no way.

Just recently, they seized my personal checking account, apparently I agreed to them doing this due to some sort of a small print I signed off on then years ago when I opened up my business, and business banking with them. This too was without notice, and with leaving ZERO balance in the account, blindsiding me with $800 in unpaid drafts, and close to additonal $500 in overdraft fees resulting from them cleaning out my personal checking.

A week after this happened, I finally recieved a letter from their collection department, saying the will do this.

Oddly, the letter was postmarked the day after I said I'll have to have an attorney look into resolving the matter, as I believe I was getting conflicting information. (April 6). The letterhead itself is dated (April 1).

My repeated attempts to contact and resove this issue with their collection department (in the last couple of weeks) went unanswered.

Wells Fargo will be kissy kissy with you when you can bring them value. If they sense weakness, they will play the worst hardball of any bank I've seen.

The saddest part is that being a Civil Engineer, my business is very tied to Real Estate and lending and banking industry, and this lending debacle has pretty much ruined my business. When they want new homes, you;re the bad guy because you can't crank the projects out fast enough. Now that everything stopped, you're the bad guy again, because you can't keep up with the bills.

Also, unlike Wells Fargo, my little business didn't get a government bailout. They're using my tax money to help themselves, and putting a screw to little people like me, whom theese taxes came from.

That's how Wells Fargo is turning record profits, they took $4000 of debt that I had on a $10,000 credit line, and using various fees, manipulations and jacked up interest rates turned it into $8000 they are now holding me responsible for.

When I went to talk to my branch manager, and explained the whole situation, he was very nice, apologetic, and acted flabergasted with the situation, and the business credit department aggressiveness, but basically told me that his hands are tied.

Since I'm a very small business, and not incorporated, but a sole proprietor, Wells Fargo is going after me personally and wanting to liquidate my family assets the same way they would liquidate a business.

No human consideration whatsoever, no consideration whatsoever for having been a customer for 20 years with excellent and squeaky clean banking and credit record.

Wells Fargo turned out the be the worst kind, super sweet in your face, and ready to stab you in the back the minute it is convenient for them.


I used to be really happy with them too. But times are changing.

Basically WF has penalized me for using my CC too much. (Never late, always pay more than the minimum, FICO mid 700s) They are raising my interest rate 40%. I have talked to countless CSRs and today, Executive offices. She basically told me it was my own fault (remember never late, never overlimit, always pay more than minimum but it's their 'ratios')

I have 6 accounts with them. By Summer they will all be moved or paid off and closed.

BTW my relationship with them goes back to 1981. THIS is how they reward loyalty.

If I told a long time good client "Thanks for your business, I'm raising my fees now" it would be professional suicide. I'm very disappointed.


Joseph, you have got to be kidding! You either must work for them or you live in an "Alice in Wonderland" world.


:grin I have 2 Wells Fargo checking accounts, 1 I have had since 1977 (32 years) and have had no problems. :zzz :p

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