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Aftermath Public Adjusters - Unresponsive Public Adjuster firm

Update by user Jun 28, 2013

I am happy to report that I was in contact with management at Aftermath and this issue has been rectified to my satisfaction.

This issue is related to Hurricane Sandy insurance claims for homes on the New Jersey shore. The NJ shore is a disaster area and many homeowners have yet to receive insurance money, as well as long delays every step of the way.

The problems originate with FEMA. I had a long talk with my adjuster and he assured me they are on my case and that all these delays are from the govt agencies.

I am just very frustrated that I have a destroyed home that is in disrepair and do not have the use of the premises. Aftermath is working on my case, and trying hard to get funds to remediate my home.

Original review posted by user Jun 22, 2013
I would like to warn anyone would might be considering using this company. They do not return phone calls and they do not take your case seriously. I hired them to assist me in negotiating with my flood insurance company due to damages suffered from Hurricane Sandy. It has been nothing but a nightmare. Eight months later and I have not seen any insurance money and have had to put up over $20,000 of my own money. In the next couple of months I am looking at putting up another $75,000 of my own money to complete home repairs. Aftermath brought their attorneys Jeffrey F. Dragon as another party to this. Dragon attorneys is dishonest and unethical. This attorney handles escrow money. The insurance company has disbursed some money and Dragon attorneys are responsible for disbursing the funds. They have quickly paid Aftermath, but they are refusing to pay me. Neither Dragon nor Aftermath respond to phone calls, emails or faxes. My property is in disrepair and unusable. I estimate it will not be repaired until early next year. I have had to file formal complaints with various state agencies about both companies and the state bar. I also have filed complaints with the BBB. In addition to the $20,000 I put up already, I am looking at fronting more money, roughly $75,000 at a minimum. Both Dragon and Aftermath, are disinterested. I may be forced to take a complete personal loss on my vacation home and turn it over to the bank. Both of these companies are playing games. My home prior to the hurricane was worth about $130,000, it is a modest 2 bedroom ranch. The town revalued it to $64,000 for tax purposes, approximately a 60% reduction in tax assessment.
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I accidentally clicked I had the same experience, this site is weird. My experience with aftermath was nothing like the complaint above. I am very pleased and have recommended Aftermath to many and will continue.


My experience with this company was not sandy related. It’s very easy to speak with personnel when it involves them getting paid.

Not so much when it has anything to do with even basic questions. There is an office in Hammonton which is very rarely occupied. Went there several times it was empty.

Was told the woman who does office work actually works from home & the building is just a front. Calls will get returned but, the person calling acts very unconcerned with whatever your issue is.

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Law Offices Of Jeffrey F Dragon And Associates - Unethical Law Firm

The law firm, Jeffrey F. Dragon & Associates, was brought into the process of handling my flood insurance claim funds from Hurricane Sandy. My initial insurance check arrived in mid May 2013. The check was made out to my bank, me, Jeffrey Dragon and Aftermath Public Adjusters. Aftermath brought Dragon into the mix, because they required it due to this being in the best interests of all parties. Dragon sent me the check from insurance, which was in the amount of $59,100, to endorse and send back to them. The bank was expedient and disbursed $40,000 of the funds. I had to date put out $20,000 of my own money to repair damages. Dragon law, is refusing to disburse the money to me, despite my numerous phone calls, emails and faxes. I have complied with all bank paperwork and documentation requirements. Home renovations are being held up because of this and I estimate will not be completed until early 2014. They have purposely put me in a precarious financial position. I will need to front at least an additional $65,000 to complete repairs. This law firm is highly unethical. I may have to lose the house to the bank by just turning over the keys to them Warning, if you hire a public adjuster, do not agree to have them force you to have a law firm involved. This whole episode is a nightmare.
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I'm sorry to read that you have been caught in this "Dragon" web. We, too, were the target of unethical conduct by this attorney and Aftermath Adjusters.

What a fraud! We did report to the Office of Attorney General of NJ what we believe to have been a criminal act perpetrated upon us by these scammers for thorough investigation.


Instead of using a website, why not complain to the District Ethics Committee? Or, bring a civil action seeking an order compelling the firm to turn over the funds?

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