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Vivint #664353
Vivint came to my neighborhood Memorial Day Weekend. The sales person was a college kid doing a summer job. We liked her and let her in; we had been thinking about a security system for a while, so it seemed opportune. We signed the contract and the technician arrived 20 minutes later to begin the install. He got half way through it but was unable to finish installing the camera or the door lock. He promised he would be back the next morning to finish, and set the time at 10AM. The time came and went without any sign of the tech. We called him and left a message on the cell he had given us. We called the company's customer service and were fed a line about the techs being independent (doesn't matter....the techs represent the company, independent contractors or not). Next day, still not tech. We called and cancelled the service. We were within the three day grace period clearly outlined in the contract. The same tech called my cell that night, made excuses about having a tooth ache (really!), and apologized. He came to our house the next day to uninstall the half installed equipment, and gave my wife a hard time about cancelling and "ruining the college kid's first sale...
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