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Sam Galloway & Coconut Point Ford

Coconut Point Ford #665204
I must first thank you for admitting it was the Dealers mistake.. but i also need to clarify a few things made in your statement coco employee. Besides this site ,I have not posted on any other site stating my experience. You may have me (THE REGISTERED OWNER & THE GENTLEMAN WHOM WAS AT THE DEALERSHIP AT THE TIME OF THE INCIDENT)with maybe a friend, Spouse or family member whom may have posted something..But that is their freedom of speech. unfortunately insurance companies do not resolve all aspects of incidents of this kind. Very Sad.. Good thing the ownership & Management of Tamiami Ford are great business people because they have been there for us in providing a rental car when they had nothing to do with the situation.. THANKS TAMIAMI FORD FOR LOOKING OUT FOR US WHEN COCONUT POINT FORD AND ITS AFFILIATE OWNERSHIP WOULD NOT...
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I believe the customer chose to involve a lawyer and told the dealership to have no further contact. The significant other inflamed the situation and caused a resolvable problem to escalate. Good friend you've got there.