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Sam Galloway & Coconut Point Ford

Update by user Jul 13, 2013

Coconut Point has done nothing about this matter ..Not even a written Apology... Great News though is that through the many Truck clubs we belong to, I can confirm that we know of 4 different Couples that have officially bought their new Vehicles From Tamiami Ford & because of our contact with them Did not buy a car From Coconut Point Ford or Sam Galloway Ford..

That is a total of 2 used cars & 2 new trucks. My Wife & I Consider this a Win in our book...Our buddy that owns a large Electrical company in Fort Myers has also decided never to buy from them again ....To the people that do not buy from them, WE THANK YOU......

Original review posted by user Jun 12, 2013
During A Service Visit. An employee of the dealership Crashed our 2011 Ford Expedition into a concrete Curb Causing it jump about 20 feet into the air Causing Severe frame, Mechanical & Body Damage, Which may end in a total loss of Vehicle.. Coconut Point ford owned by Sam Galloway Refused to take responsibility for the Accident & hung my wife & I out to Dry without a rental car or any resolution to the Problem, they stated that this is our "Problem was Not theirs". We actually saved recorded messages from the management team member Gary stating that Mr galloway needed time to decide on whether or not he cared to help.. I reccomend that no person spend their hard earned money with this dealership or any of their affiliate Dealerships. I pray that this never happens to any other customers that have used this dealership..They have had the chance to make the situation right & refuse to.. Very sad that the Owner & Dealership would treat such a loyal Ford family in this fashion..
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coco employee is a complete ***..Let me borrow something of yours to work on & i will destroy it on you CoCo employee. Then if you get angry at me or curse at me, I will tell you to go to ***...CoCo Employee is obviously a manager ,Owner or Straight -up Brown nose of this company if he or she does not realize how ridiculous your statements sound...

BOOOHOOOO customer got mad & cursed at us , so therefore we will not Help.. I AM TAKING MY BALL & GOING HOME.........................................


I stumbled across this post and I had to comment..Does the Dealer believes that because a person hires a lawyer to represent them or gets angry and curses it excuses them in any way from taking care of the customer & the ProblemThis is the problem with this country.Corporate Arrogance & Greed. It appears from this Dealership put their egos before good business practices..Shame on you Coco whomever you are!!


Wow , coco employee Truely does not get it. Story we got down here is that Gary the manager told customer on a voice mail that Sam Galloway himself was insulted and needed time to decide whether or not he wanted to help the situation.

What part of you guys( the dealership )wrecked this mans car and did not even give him a rental car when they have 2 children to transport.

This story is getting around to everyone as this guy happens to be quite popular in the Naples, Fort Myers area.. Dumb move but thanks for sending the business our way


Does it really matter if the consumer was pissed and used foul language? Seriously, car was at the dealership, car was damaged.

1+1 = 2. I do not even need the facts to come up with tht one all by myself.

I am guessing the dealership offered to "fix" the car .....

Who wants to drive a $50k car with kids that has been fixed? No brainier


I must first thank you for admitting it was the Dealers mistake.. but i also need to clarify a few things made in your statement coco employee.

Besides this site ,I have not posted on any other site stating my experience. You may have me (THE REGISTERED OWNER & THE GENTLEMAN WHOM WAS AT THE DEALERSHIP AT THE TIME OF THE INCIDENT)with maybe a friend, Spouse or family member whom may have posted something..But that is their freedom of speech. unfortunately insurance companies do not resolve all aspects of incidents of this kind. Very Sad..

Good thing the ownership & Management of Tamiami Ford are great business people because they have been there for us in providing a rental car when they had nothing to do with the situation.. THANKS TAMIAMI FORD FOR LOOKING OUT FOR US WHEN COCONUT POINT FORD AND ITS AFFILIATE OWNERSHIP WOULD NOT...


I believe the customer chose to involve a lawyer and told the dealership to have no further contact. The significant other inflamed the situation and caused a resolvable problem to escalate. Good friend you've got there.


Not quite the way things went down; customer cursed everyone in sight and wrote on every social site he could find threatened lawsuit then made crazy demands and threats. People make mistakes and insurance will make it right no matter how much screaming and cursing.

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