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Cigna Global - The worst insurance company ever!

Only sign up with Cigna if you truly enjoy being ripped off by a bunch of fraudsters who basically lie, cheat, and steal to sustain their business. This is honestly the most deceptive and fraudulent insurance company which Ive ever been ensured with in my whole life!! (And trust me, Ive dealt with quite a few in my lifetime.) All Cigna does is falsely guarantee their members they will be covered for certain procedures and care, only to then turn around and try to use legal technicalities in an effort to cheat those same members out of the care which they are legally entitled to. Cigna is a true master at the art of deception and dishonesty!! This company sunk to an all-time brand new low when they basically tried to finagle their way out of covering truly critical medical care which I had needed. As if being in intense agony and excruciating pain due to my medical condition wasnt bad enough, I had the added insult on top of that when my own insurance company basically tried to play me, saying I was fresh out of luck and not covered for the care which I had needed. (Even though there were several doctors on my care team who had provided Cigna with valid medical reasons as to why I had needed the care which I had needed at the time.) Cigna however, just didnt want to face facts. They view truly critical care for their members as essentially a financial liability on their balance sheets, since paying out those claims affects their bottom line business and profits. That is the only thing which Cigna truly cares about, not their members believe me, its not the members. So the next time you see one of those cheezey Cigna commercials on T.V. or phony videos on Youtube or some other online forum, just please remember that you are not going to be covered or protected by a company who is truly in the business of caring about their members. Those phony clichés of Cignas are so unbelievably commonplace and blatantly untrue, that it makes me just want to *** The purpose of us posting reviews here on Google is to share our honest experiences with a company, and trust me when I tell you that mine with Cigna was beyond deplorable and inhumane. So for those reasons, I feel that it is my civic duty and my obligation to forewarn others about how crummy this insurance company treats its own members, and about how dishonest and sleazy they are. Cigna has no soul, no conscience, and no scruples of any kind!!! They will sell your medical care and health out in a New York minute to advance themselves financially. The best advice which I could give to someone considering signing up for insurance with Cigna is to avoid this insurance company like the Bubonic Plague!!!t
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