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Northtowne Hyundai - Hyundai dealership destroyed my car!

I had my 2009 Hyundai Accent in for service at Northtowne Hyundai several times and they could not fix it. Finally the timing belt broke and damaged the engine. The car had about 25,000 miles on it which was well under the 50,000 mile warranty. This dealership tore my car apart and then blamed me for the damage. They would not honor the warranty. My car was returned to me in pieces. I had another mechanic look at the car and found that most of the engine and many other parts were gone. The dealership had taken all these parts off the car and had lost or thrown them away. My complaints were not answered. I had to buy other parts and pay for a rental car for 3 months. DO NOT buy any car from this dealership!
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I am sorry to hear your troubles. I experienced terrible customer service in the service department as well.

Bait and switch parts and service price by several hundred dollar then practically called me a liar when I told that is not what he told me on the phone. When I told them to stop work he magically got a deal on an off the shelf part and it was still a hundred higher. Finally he said he accidently keyed in the wrong number and now it matched my request. They then spilled gas inside my car and did not bother to tell me.

I picked it up and as soon as I opened the door it was overwhelming smell. I went back in and got a casual yea that happens with that repair it will air out. It took well over a month to air out and it still has a slight order. Then to top it off they pulled my child safety seat and then just sat it back to look strapped in but nothing was buckled.

The next morning in 20 degree cold my child sat on the side while I connected everything. After she almost fell over when I first put her in it. They never replied to my direct complaint and even ignored contact from Hyundai national customer care about the incident.

3 Hyundai cares in 15 years and never will I go back to NorthTowne. It always felt a little to nonchalant care free attitude but this was the first big repair and they tried to scam me on price and did scam me on labor and quality.


Sorry to hear about your troubles. I am surprised that more people have not put their bad experiences here.

I have heard a lot of complaints about this dealership and the cars they sell. My extended family had bought 8 Hyundai's before my troubles and have not bought another since then. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and found that they only care about the businesses and not the consumer.

I have turned a lot of customers away from buying Hyundai's totaling about $200,000. Just keep telling everyone you know about this dealership and hopefully the word will get out.

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