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Doctor Windshield Auto Sales - Consumer Beware of Doctor Winshield Auto Sales

This company is the worst. Selling over priced vehicles and using deceptive practices to get customers to give them money. I purchased a car from them last year and was told all I need was a $500 down payment. After spending 8hrs at the lot, giving them my $500 dwn payment,and signing the paperwork, I was not allowed to leave with the car until I agreed to give them another $500 dollars by agreement within 30 days. Not only that they put a tracking device on the vehicle without my knowledge or consent. The vehicle was a 1999 Acura and when all was said and done I would pay about $13,000 for the purchase.This vehicle had no rear view mirror, radio not working because I would need to have someone retrieve the code (at a cost), in extreme need of a wheel alignment, several scratches and dents, a bad battery (which I later had to return and have replaced). And even in that visit even though no payment was due, they questioned me about my payments before replacing the battery. I initially drove off the lot with the service light on. All of these things I mentioned before leaving the lot and was completely ignored. My situation was minimal compared to what I witness happen to another customer on my date of purchase. The young lady had given them $500 down on a 2008, signed her paperwork and had been there all day just like me. When it came time hand over the keys to the car they requested another $500 from her toward her down payment or they would not be able to let her leave with the car. She said she did not have the money and could pay it later but they refused. She requested her money back so that she could go somewhere else as she needed a vehicle to get back and forth work and they told her she could not get her money back for several days as her deposit was already at the bank and the owner of the company had went out of town. This brought the customer to tears. She was out of a car and her money. Remind you the contract was signed which they had not given her a copy of yet. Fortunately the signed agreement was still out in the open and she was able to grab it and argue the point. I don't know what the resolve was because I left before seeing what came of it all. Beware when dealing with DOCTOR WINDSHIELD (713 Car Loans) in HOUSTON TX, Southwest Freeway, they use a tracking device (Call Pass) that gives them the entire history on where the vehicle is and has been. This to me is a complete invasion of privacy. 30 days late and the repo guy will be after you. Now I know why I had to replace the Main Relay for the car. The gps tracking device was hooked to it. Wow!!! They could have informed me of the tracking device so that I as a consumer could make an informed decision if I wanted to be watched 24hrs a day even when I'm not in default of payment. Eventually I will return this vehicle because it not worth it. Cash cars for me from now on. There are some good was out there without the headache. When it's all said and done I'll probably be out about $4500+ (this including down payment and monthly payments total. They kept asking me to refer customers....*** TO THE NAW! I like all my friends and want to keep them. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!
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First and foremost, the owner is very rude and has HORRIBLE customer service, everytime i have went in there he has had an attitude. I purchased a 2006 lincoln zephyr from them and the car was ***. i had the car a few days and it was making noises on the front end by the tire area. i took the car back to the dealership numerous times and had them check it out, i left it there days at a time to get it repaired but everytime i came back to get it, the problem was never fixed.

Everytime i went in there, i sat there for hours at a time. they have POOR customer service. After 2 months with the car, My car note was 1 week late and they called me and the manager told me to come in to sign a date extension until the next week when i got paid, i went in thinkig i was going to sign an extension. i had my 3 children with me, me and my children sat there from 3:30 in the after noon all the way until about 6:45 to sign my name for a date extension, one of the salesman finally came out to tell me that they were going to hold the car there until i come pay the car note.

mind you, i had my 3 small children with me and they took my car because i was 1 week late. the manager lied from the jump, he knew he wanted to hold the car until i came in 4 days later to pay the note, thats all he had to say over the phone instead of telling me to come sign an extension. i told them to keep the car because i cant deal with lying people like that, tripped over me being 1 week late and and took my car while i had my 3 kids with me. they want their payment on time but could not fix the car.

i had the car 2 months and it had so many problems with it. How dare them even do that to someone. That is absolutely horrible. He could have told me that from the jump instead of having me sit there for 3 hours with 3 small kids having me thinking i was about to sign an extension.

I went up there a few days later to sign the papers forefiting the car and it was back in lot for sale again, not clean with some of my items still in there.

This place need to be shut down. The owner does not need to be in business and he wont be for long with the type of attitude and customer service that he provide.

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