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Abossein Engineering - I was cheated out of my money by Alex Abossein, Engineer

I was cheated out of my money by Alex Abossein of Abossein Engineering in Seattle WA after he asked me to provide consulting services but he didn’t paid my invoice. We entered into a contract for those services which I completed at his request, as planned, and within budget. He accepted my work without any revisions, complaints or changes. Days later, I transmitted to Alex Abossein at Abossein Engineering my invoice. I received numerous emails from his office manager Deborah Wolf a/k/a Deborah Wolf Priest stating that she would see that the invoice was paid, but they were all lies. When I inquired as to non-payment by Alex Abosein of Abosein Engineering in Bellevue WA, he and his office manager at Abossein Engineering would reassure me that payment was forthcoming, but they screwed me out of my money and I never got paid. If you’ve had a bad experience with Alex Abosein or Abosein Engineering, be sure to post your story!! Thanks.
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Please be forewarned. John Zodrow is a disbarred attorney in Colorado (,%20Decision%20and%20Order%20Imposing%20Sanctions,%2010PDJ132,%2012-**-**.pdf) (

He never worked for Abossein Engineering.

He was supposed to assist in resolving a personal investment dispute issue with the majority shareholder/manager of a corporation. Instead, he became a shareholder himself via negotiations with the same majority shareholder/manager.

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Direct Flooring and Design - Defective flooring carpet tile Ryan and Bryan McGlasson with Direct Floor Design

I contracted with Direct Flooring & Design Inc. of Castle Rock/Highlands Ranch d/b/a Bryan McGlasson to install laminate flooring in the ground floor of my townhouse in Littleton. Bryan McGlasson inspected and measured the location. I chose a style of flooring which Bryan McGlasson represented was suitable for this location, and (at the suggestion of Bryan McGlasson) paid extra for a thicker membrane of underlayment. I paid for such goods and services in full and, when Bryan McGlasson performed the installation, Bryan McGlasson failed to properly acclimate the flooring product after delivery and before installation. I notified Bryan McGlasson that floor was beginning to warp at the seams. A few months after being installed, Bryan McGlasson had the manufacturer (Shaw Flooring) send a representative who inspected the defective flooring, and declared it to be a total loss due to severe warping to the point at which it was not usable because Bryan McGlasson failed to properly acclimate the product after delivery and before installation. A second credentialed flooring expert also perform testing on-site and determined that the flooring had warped to the point at which it was not usable because Bryan McGlasson failed to properly acclimate the product after delivery and before installation. Bryan McGlasson did not disclose to me at the time that he had lost his Shaw dealership. Bryan McGlasson would not stand behind his labor or materials. If he promises you any type of warranty, do not believe him. He does not stand behind his work. Accordingly, Bryan McGlasson and Direct Flooring & Design Inc owes me no less than approximately $4084 for supplies, materials, labor, etc.
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It has been 30 days since June 2nd, 2013 when I posted a review(#414132) on about Direct Flooring and Design. Bryan McGlasson is also the president of Southeast Commercial Flooring, Inc., 509 S Chickasaw Trail #175, Orlando FL 32825, according to the Florida Secretary of State’s Office.

Other officers include William Stollar and Scott Hoehn. The company’s website says “At SCF, Inc. we've been in the commercial flooring business for 19+ years. We attribute our longevity and success in this business to many things.

Among them, our ability to listen and communicate, foresight to incorporate the latest technology in the flooring industry and our capacity to see and plan for the entire scope of a project - from design inception through maintenance. This is in addition to our old-fashioned commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship.” This is not true of Bryan McGlasson or Ryan McGlasson.

@***sumer of flooring products

Bryan McGlasson, owner of Floors Free, Inc. and former owner of Direct Flooring and Design, Inc.

(and a number of other defunct flooring companies), sued me in Jefferson County CO for an online review which accurately reported that he confessed to judgement, in a Douglas County CO lawsuit, on behalf of his former company for poor workmanship, and failure to stand behind his work & warranty, after he (personally) defectively installing flooring. Rather than pay the judgment, which he confessed, he closed down his old company and opened Floors Free, Inc. After a three-day trial, the jury ruled against Bryan McGlasson and Floors Free, Inc. on their claims of defamation and commercial disparagement.

The jury awarded me nearly $8000 in damages against Bryan McGlasson and the court awarded me nearly $700 more for my costs against both Bryan McGlasson and Floors Free, Inc. I am posting about this matter of public interest so the readers will know more about the business practices and history of Bryan McGlasson and Floors Free, Inc.

@Flooring Victim

REBUTTAL-Bryan McGlasson

As a business owner we can only strive for perfection and customer satisfaction. We have an obligation to defend such a negative review so that future customers of Floors Free Inc.have the facts on this matter.

The facts are as follows:

John Zodrow posted on on December 17, 2016 a piece which claims that Mr. Bryan McGlasson sued Zodrow for online reviews which accurately reported that he confessed judgment on behalf of his former carpeting, flooring and tile company, Direct Flooring and Design, Inc. for poor workmanship and failure to stand behind his work and warranty after a he personally defectively installed laminate flooring in Zodrow’s condominium in 2011 due to improper acclimation of the product in which the client declined at the time of installation The posting also contends that the subject of Floors Free workmanship and warranties are a matter of general interest and readers of the posting should know the history and business practice of Bryan McGlasson and Floors Free, Inc.

First, the readers of Zodrow’s posting, if any, should know Zodrow’s history and practices as an attorney. Zodrow is a disbarred lawyer in several states.

Zodrow was disbarred by Supreme of Colorado, the Maryland Court of Appeals and California Supreme Court in 2014 for a making misrepresentations to the Colorado Supreme Court, and knowingly filing false statements in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado. Moreover, Zodrow was convicted of a felony for doing so. It is a very unlikely that Zodrow ever be readmitted to practice law in any state, because his conviction for a felony for knowingly and intentionally filing false statements in the Federal Bankruptcy Court Colorado The Maryland Court of Appeals (highest court in the State of Maryland) also disbarred Zodrow for his conduct which the Court of Appeals stated was infected with fraud, deceit and dishonesty. Accordingly, Mr.

Zodrow’s truthfulness and credibility is highly questionable with respect to the statements he made in his posting, as shown below.

Significantly and consistent with his conduct resulting in his disbarment as an attorney, Zodrow misstated the facts in his posting. Thus, Zodrow was never a customer of Floors Free, Inc., and consequently, has no personal knowledge of Floors Free’s workmanship and warranties, or indeed, Floors Free’s business practices. Therefore, Zodrow has no legitimate basis for claiming that Floors Free does not stand behind its workmanship and warranties. In fact, Floors Free has received many, many positive reviews of its workmanship from customers.

The readers of Zodrow’s posting, if any, should also know that Zodrow’s posting is the only negative review Floors Free has ever received. Moreover, the court ruled in the lawsuit to which Zodrow refers in his posting that the lawsuit was not a matter of public concern despite Zodrow’s contention that the lawsuit subject is a matter of general concern.

Finally, Zodrow fails to state in his posting that he attempted to sue McGlasson personally in connection with his dispute with Direct Flooring and Design in 2012. The courts in Douglas County, Colorado and in Jefferson County, Colorado ruled that Zodrow could not do so. Furthermore, Mr.

McGlasson was never the owner of a number of other defunct flooring companies as Zodrow claims in his posting. Floors Free, Inc. has a sterling reputation in the flooring industry in Colorado, and has had many satisfied customers as evidenced by the positive reviews and customer feedback Floors Free has received.

As noted above, Zodrow’s posting is the only negative review Floors Free has ever received, which in Floors Free’s opinion, is based on Zodrow’s vindictiveness towards Mr. McGlasson.

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Castle Rock, Colorado