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Mundo Corp - Ordered a power supply that won't work? Not their problem.

I ordered a second power supply cord from Mundo Fxxk. The first one worked great. The second I ordered is completely different and does not fully plug into the computer. As a result, it did not power my laptop since it did not fully fit the port. I called into Mundo and spoke with "Rhonda" the return manager from Hades. The first time she just told me the return policy. So I tried to explain the problem. I asked to be sent to their service department since she was not understanding the issue. Obviously, they don't service their ***. She even tried to say it was my computers motherboard. Funny. She did not listen, continued to quote their return policy, and hung up on me three times. When I called back and asked to speak to someone else like an owner or manager other than Rhonda, the genius staff continued to transfer me to her. Why should I pay to reship their no working product only to have them say it could work and be stuck with a useless part? Gateway really should be careful of referring to them- I don't care to work with either again.
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does anyone know who the owners are or how I can get in touch with them? elisa00s@***.com


I worked for Mundo a couple of years ago. I can tell you that Rhonda is not to blame. She's doing what she was told to do and is not given any leeway whatsoever. If she does anything different, or even expresses any sympathy with your problem, she will be reprimanded and possibly fired.

She is not allowed to let you talk to anyone else and, if she hung up on you, it was because that's what she was told to do. Nobody is allowed to let a customer talk to the owners, and there are no managers. There would be severe consequences for connecting you to the owners' extensions.

Your best bet is to dispute the charge with your credit card company.

I had a Gateway laptop that needed a small, inexpensive part, but bought an Apple rather than spend $30-40 with Mundo.

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