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Product and Company are PURE SCAM

Roca Labs #915993
Excuse me who ever you are. I have requested this post to be removed but it hasn't and the site can verify that I have requested it because I sent in a notarized letter requesting so. I have been contacted by attorneys representing this fake company and I have done all I could so leave me alone and stop advertising for this scam of a place.
Read above before you threaten anyone fool!
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Roca Labs is a SCAM

Roca Labs #705884
Thank you mjones56. I was waiting for a comment like this because I am getting all kinds of threats from their so called attorney that they will sue me...basically for telling the truth. I did not get a refund and I paid over $800 for something that made me sick. I could have easily done that with spoiled food for free. Please, please, please continue to keep me posted on your FDA findings. Thank you!
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I will certainly keep you posted as the information comes back. As for Roca Labs, I have filed a Chapter 7 for other reasons and they've been told that they are in it but then their attorney D.Michael Schloss out of Plantation, Florida said that if I did'nt drop the complaint off of BBB of West Florida and removed the post from Scambook that they were going to sue me for defamation. I told their attorney to call my attorney. I have not heard nothing from Roca Labs or their attorney now for quite sometime. I'll keep you posted!!