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Harvey King Home Repair contractor will take your Money and run!!

This individual, no matter what company name he is operating at the present, should never be hired in IL or MO to work on your house. He "specializes" in home repair and either takes your deposit outright or starts the work, gets more money and then never finishes the project. He has been assocaited with at least 3 home repair companies I know of (maybe more), gets contracts to repair homes and then closes the doors of the business never to be heard from again. Oh, and as a note, there is nothing you can do about it. As it is considered a civil matter, you can take him to court, win a judgement, and you will never be compensated because the law cannot force him to pay. In my specific instance, Harvey King of 217 S 10th St, Belleville, IL, owner of Superior Exteriors, provided a contract to repair my home damaged in a storm. The individual contracts signed included 4 contracts with Harvey King, owner of Superior Exteriors, for the repairs of 1) A contract for replacement windows 2) A contract for gutter replacement 3) A contract for siding replacement and 4) A contract for roof replacement. After the contracts were signed, I provided a down-payment for roof repair. As far as I can tell, the roof was completed by unlicensed subcontractors to Harvey King. He was not even on site during the repairs. Subsequently, the roof leaked and I had to initiate repairs. After the roof replacement (prior to the leaking of course), a second deposit was provided to Harvey King of Superior Exteriors, In Accordance With (IAW) the agreement for a 50% deposit for materials. The deposit represented 50% of the total for the remaining repairs to include 1) Windows 2) Siding and 3) Gutters. Since providing this deposit, Harvey King of Superior Exteriors did not make any attempt to order materials or even start the work. Harvey King of Superior Exteriors disconnected his phone and broke off all contact with me with no contract cancellation/refund/any contact. At first, I was under the impression that this was a unique event. However, I have discovered a pattern of events associated with Harvey King. Harvey King has owned at least 3 construction companies in the last few years. This includes Gutter King, Quality Home Improvement and Superior Exteriors. I have attached BBB complaints and other data associating Harvey King with these businesses. 1. 1.Superior Exteriors has at least 2 BBB complaints with substandard work and failure to complete work or refund the deposit. 2.Gutter King has at least 2 BBB complaints with same issues; one involving a senior citizen. 3.Gutter King has another entry on their web site referencing general contractor problems. 2.All of the above business have "disappeared"; leaving home owners in distress or similar situations as my own. The really sad part of this entire situation is the lack of laws to protect the consumers. Because a contract was signed, this is classified as a civil case (so, taking money from people and not doing anything for it is not a crime....buyer beware). As previously mentioned, Harvey King has several civil judgments agianst him and has yet to provide any compensation to any of the "victims" who won their day in court. I am currently pursuing this with the only legal entity who seems to want to protect consumers, the State Attorney General.
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Belleville, Illinois