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Property Tax Buster - Chris Houg - A Fraud

Chris Houg, The Property Tax Buster, claimed to lower taxes and remodify mortgage loans. He came to our house and explained his program and we believed him. In July we gave him a check for $5,500, all our savings, to lower the property taxes on several homes that we have and to remodify our homes. He cashed the check, but he did not do anything for us. It's now Jan. 2009 we are still waiting to here from him. We have called and e-mailed him, but there is no word from him. He took our money and ran. He did the same thing to my cousin. She gave him $2,000. He burned us.
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He scammed us out of 40k. Said he could reduce default tax amounts but was a complete fraud. He belongs in jail.


Harrison Houg just screwed me out of $1,017 for 10 Goodyear Blue Streak Tires. He is lucky I don't live closer cause I would track him down and take the $1,017 out of his hide!


He's still at it. He just ripped me for $53.95 on an ebay transaction.

I have an address, phone number, and a couple of email addresses if you think that will help. From what I've read about him so far he is a career criminal that will never stop until he is permanently locked up.


Lorenacuevas, How can I contact you?


btw, you can search california court records and find plenty of info on the p.o.s.


that is how he makes his living, ripping people off. back in 2001, he was stealing from people on ebay by selling old dodge and mercury cars and parts.

he got me for $10k, another in texas for $16k and many many others. he was charged with burglary and in jail a couple of years ago but no doubt some lawyer that he didn't pay got him out. contact the fbi. they have had many complaints on him surely.

contact all officials you can and have the last laugh on him and "sally" who is probably him also. this guy has conned 100's of people and should be stopped.

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