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Anyone with a brain can tell that "Dad" (see posting below), is a fraud or had his collective behind beaten down by Link. The statements made by "Dad" are so obviously over the top that "he" either is a competitor who just got spanked by Link or a deadbeat dad that Link finally forced him to provide for his children. The horrible thing about these anonymous posting sites is that any loser can say anything they want without any ramifications. It's really easy to file a complaint with the California Bar. Furthermore, if what "Dad" says is true, Link would not only be disbarred but could be prosecuted criminally. By the way, if what "Dad" says is true, what a horrible son he is by sitting there and allowing someone to harass his elderly mother. Shame on you "Dad" for allegedly allowing your mother to get figuratively abused. You're a horrible son for not sticking up for your mother while she was allegedly being abused. I don't know a single respectable son who would sit there and allow their mother to be harassed and abused. But I've just met a lousy son on this website who felt perfectly fine watching his mother get "beat up." Your mother must be proud of you "Dad." I'm willing to bet you're the kind of father who stuck up for his kids in the same way and someone decent and respectable like Link forced you to provide when you were running from your responsibilities. If you are still reading this review, do your own research. The California Bar has a public records section showing all complaints filed against an attorney. Google "Attorney Search" and go to the California State Bar link. Look up Link Schwartz. Not only has "Dad" not filed a complaint. Link has not had one complaint since she became a lawyer in California in 1987. "Dad" is a fraud. Ask him to provide any independent proof. You will not hear back from him except for him to sling his mud. Thanks Link for all of the help you provided to me. Keep up the good work. Because of Link, I was awarded sole custody of my daughter. Because of Link, my ex-wife was ordered to pay me child support. Because of Link, the state of California granted me permission to move with my daughter out of the state of California and to another state. If you need family law legal help, hire Link Schwartz and thank God if she is available to help you.
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Good Lord.....this post has Link written all over it.

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