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Unfortunate ROSEMONT Resident Suffers "Near-Death Experience"

Our Dearly Beloved MAYETTA DONOVAN passed-away on April 30, 2013 in her hospital bed at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, WA, with loving close family members at her side. Mayetta had been a resident at Rosemont Senior Assisted Living Community, Yelm, WA, and suffered severe health complications there prior to her having to be hospitalized. Mayetta is survived by 3 children, 5 grandchildren, and also 5 great-grandchildren. She lived a good, healthy, Christian life and was rewarded by reaching the milestone of "nonagenarian" status -- quite a remarkable accomplishment indeed. Unfortunately for her and all who love her, she will sadly not be able to advance to the next milestone of "centenarian" status. :sigh Mayetta was loved by many and will be forever greatly missed. :cry Rest In Peace, our dear & precious departed Mother.
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