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Regal Cinemas - Movie coupon madness

On May 12,2013 I took my children to see Iron Man 3 at your theater and was treated horrible and by the manager EJ Knesek.I have a coupon to get up to 24.00 of off admission and a 5.00 off of the concession stand.When I arrived I gave the certificate to the cashier and says it says error you can not use this.So I asked if I could see the manager which he stated he was I told him that this has happen before and it is a certain way to you have to ring the certificate and I only knew because it had happened before.He says well you cant use this coupon it is not going through I then asked if he could call the 1-800 number that is located on the bottom of the certificate he refused said he did not have time to help me with this coupon that they were busy even though it was another cashier open that had like 5 people in it.This guy really made me feel awful and embarrassed he basically insinuated that the certificate was fraudulent and I could not use it.I then went to the concession stand tried to use the coupon for the concession stand and EJ Knesek the manager came from the ticket office and told me hey I called that number 1-800 number(1-86*-640-****) and that number does not work look I tried those coupons do not work you have to pay cash.Luckily I did have just enough left over to buy my kids popcorn and a pop.This was a horrible embarrassing situation and the supervisor made it worst by treating my like I was a common thief on Mothers Day with my children.Then to top it off the theater was dirty and smelly as well as the bathroom.This is the second time this has happened to the first time even though the supervisor that day had a bad attitude he still found out how to use my coupons.This place needs a serious make over the supervisors are attitudes are just horrible.I can say the staff was friendly but they need clean up better.The supervisors need some real attitude and sensitivity training or to be fired.I hope you guys train your people on how to properly give the discounts for people who may use Hollywood Movie Money because even thought it is printed on the certificate it still does not properly give the discount.
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Well Mr. or Ms. Grammar checker if you read my original post you would see that I used no ebonics and proper grammar.But when I got a response from piratesfan10001 that obviously works there telling me I should have money which is none of his *** business because I had a coupon which should have been honored and once again I received because of the amount of money I spend on the theatre and then telling me not judge but I did not make a judgment I spoke of my experience and how it made me feel.Understand this I know when to use proper grammar and when not to, in my reply to piratesfan10001 I did not care about using in proper grammar.And I'm sure any educated person who read my original post of my experience which what this site is about can understand that and why my response was what it was or maybe they are not as educated as they think.But the answer to your question even though you failed to use the correct symbol (what does "don't count my pockets" mean?) It means don't worry about how much money I got in my pocket and honor this *** coupon.


I wish their was a mandatory grammar check prior to posting a comment, otherwise people end up looking uneducated. What does "don't count my pockets" mean. I need to polish up my ebonics.


Coming from somebody who used to be a weekend regular at that theater, I can tell you that the date in which you posted this was one of his first week as a manager coming from floor staff. I'm sure that if you were to go back you would have a much better experience with him and I can tell you that, as a regular there, who had nothing but pleasent experiences with him...he is nothing but a polite and kind guy. If a coupon doesn't work it doesn't work that isn't his fault, you should have been better prepared with your money...and as a side note you shouldn't be so critical of somebody you don't even know.


That coupon was received from Regal Cinemas because of the amount of money I spend at Regal Cinemas so dont count my pockets or tell me what to be prepared for because coupon or no coupon my kids were going to see the movie even if I had leave get more money and come back.I told the guy what he had to do in order to complete the sale and he would not even try he continued to tell me how the coupon was fradulent.How is that professional behavior? How dare you or anyone else think that was appropriate behavior he just did not want to take the time to do his job which he actually stated I dont have time.My opinion is based on how he treated me so dont tell me not be critical of someone I dont know like I just woke up and made a story up about the guy I had an interaction with him therefore I can judge him and like I said he was rude,disrespectful,lazy,and had a nasty attitude those were obersevations things I saw myself not something that I just made up.sidenote I went back when he was not there and used the coupons with no problems!!!!

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