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Thumbtack is a complete RIPOFF!!

I have been paying for lead generation for about 8 months with thumbtack. The website sends you plenty of leads however the return on the leads is less than great! Out of 16 leads that I have paid for I have spoken to 1 person. 1 person hired me and 2 decided not to move forward and I was refunded 1 fee. If the consumers really knew what they were not getting for this service ....they don't get personal involvement, they cant really see the designers work. Working with a company or designer is a personal thing since we are so involved in a clients home. Thumbtack doesn't not support this and they have figured out a way to collect money from people with great reward for them and not much for the professional in return.
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I'm an attorney who has been using Thumbtack for around six months. I couldn't be happier with the amount of leads I get.

Yes it would be nice to get more clients but I have probably at least 10 clients I am currently working with that came through Thumbtack including at least 2 of which are significant cases generating considerable fees. For the dollar spent, no other advertising or referral service comes close. I couldn't be happier.

My wife is also on Thumbtack as a pastry chef and has had a similar experience.


No self respecting photographer or other service provider pays for leads... Folks if you are looking for a pro, you will NOT find it via thumbtack....

Do you really want somebody that has placed themself between you and the provider on search engines, and the service provider has to pay for you lead? Google should be ashamed for allowing this.


As an attorney. I am always amazed how much people want to trust others and refuse to accept that there just are *** in the world who wake up each day trying to find a better way to cheat their fellow humans. I think all of us want to believe that most people are good. Frankly , most are. But with millions of people it doesn't take but a small percentage and you have a lot of bad apples.

Thumbtack I felt from the beginning (when I did a trial run with free credits), is a classic scam. Anyone who is actually an aware person and pays attention, rather than believing in Santa Claus or the tooth fairy leaving money under their pillow fora tooth, can discern the subtle nature of their plan. For example, did anyone notice that after you submit a few quotes, they suddenly have a surge in "leads." What I want to know if who is the clown who dreams up the names they use. He or she must have a book of babies' first names so that he can generate enough bull-*** leads to bilk the unaware and naive.

Further, what website that was totally legitimate would have prospective customers/clients ("leads" ) include such minimal amount of information about the services they seek; and apparently, then expect professionals service providers to actually send legitimate quotes.

The information that they provide for so-called "leads" looking for legal service would not allow any competent, ethical attorney to provide a rate, fee or "quote. How some lawyers are apparently submitting these quotes is beyond me. Same for persons in other businesses and professions.

I sent a few quotes to some "leads" writing something like: "Are you another B.S. lead that the losers at Thumbtack generate to bilk and cheat us providers, etc. etc?"

Another time I wrote in the quote (asking for more information): "I think that I will charge you zero and instead investigate the possibility of filing a class action lawsuit against Thumbtack and individually against their officers and key employees who obviously are committing a deceptive practice." Do you think I got any response from the so-called "leads" to whom I submitted these quotes; maybe asking "what the heck are you talking about... I am a legitimate person seeking an attorney?!!" Nope. Try it yourself. See what reply if any you get. Save you money! Use it for legitimate marketing efforts. This Thumbtack is another online predator trying to scam others. Research their history. I believe their founder was indicted some years ago.


Thumbtack is a scam and a lie. They code their webpages to come up in search engines with the title "The Top 32 general contractors in Cincinnati" or whatever the industry, city, and number of companies they list.

But anyone can fill out a profile with them, including bogus companies or ones operating illegally without a license. So how are they the "top" companies? Answer: They aren't, and it's a lie.

Thumbtack scams the consumer with their fraudulent website titles. Google should blacklist them.


Just wait until they get slapped with the class action lawsuit thats in the works...Gonna be fun !!! And I cannot wait until its filed.....


tell us where, when & how...we'll be in that line....we imagine some geeks sitting at screens entertaining themselves with the corrupt practices of this company, but then again, it's likely this company pays its employ minimum wage


They might pay them extra to write fake reviews here too!


Original Complainant - I stopped my service at thumbtack!!! Since then my business has taken off in other ways. Don't pay for thumbtack the response back is a joke!


I tend to agree with you thumbtack is total BS



$85 for x-amount of leads, 5 times a month and to only have a closing rate of 1% is pathetic, I have been paying for this service for over a year now, my prices are below most other services and compared to Groupon prices... I cannot give our service away for free and I'm sure not in the business to continuously lose money - after my credits are done...

so am I! :(

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