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We were in a rush to find another place as we had to leave our old home due to mold. The agent at Hampton knew this and talked badly about our previous management saying how low it was to allow someone to live in a house with mold, completely unacceptable,

Our manager, Sandy Lewis was snotty and nasty. The house started falling apart shortly after we moved in. Every time I notified her of something else breaking, she said just make a note of it. We already did an inspection before you moved in. She seriously lacks any professional business skills.

My kids have been sick 3-4 times since moving here in January (normally my kids get ill once a year at most, they're quite healthy). We called an a/c company to clean our ducts thinking it was that. They found black mold, bacteria and fungus in the air handler, its been there for quite some time.

Hampton no longer manages the house, the owner took it over (I wonder why?!?!) I called to complain. Sandy was snotty as usual and didn't care to hear what was going on, she just hung up on me. She clearly knew of the condition but did not care as it was all about getting her dime.

Dispicable. I will never retn from them again and will spend my time warning others of their greedy and dangerous business practices.
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