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Hasnt been working

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We're sorry to hear about your experience with Frontline Plus for your cats. Fleas that you are seeing now began as flea eggs that have been in the environment before you applied the flea control product. It may take more than one monthly treatment to completely break the flea life cycle. Additionally, keep in mind that only about 5% of the flea life cycle is spent as an adult flea actually on your cat. For effective flea control you must treat the flea eggs, larvae and pupae in the environment with a room spray or fogger. However, we do have a 100% Happy Guarantee and would be happy to issue you a refund.
~ Abby, PetMeds Pro
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i agree having fleas in both fl and pa
you have to treat the animal and the house and sometimes the yard i am a pet owner and know what a problem they can be