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ABS Air Conditioning - Suck *** Lying AC Service

ABS Air – Tampa/St. Pete, FL – SCAM/RIP OFF/DECEITFUL/ LYING COMPANY!!! Mike Lewis – Owner!!! What a SCAM/RIP OFF this company is starting with the owner Mike Lewis who is a DOWNRIGHT LIAR!!! I am told by his chief maintenance tech Robert Raimondo “you need a Cut & Pull which will extend the life of your system 5-7 years at the minimum.” What BS that was, a kid named Jacob shows up to do this “cut & pull” for me 2 hours late after I was completely NO SHOWED the week before on the original appointment date. I call Robert and he is in Atlanta at a funeral and attempts to get someone here as originally promised from Atlanta but no one can come so we reschedule a week out. Jacob shows up 2 hours late either HIGH or DRUNK if not both, he smells of alcohol with bloodshot eyes driving a company truck. I call Lewis the owner and tell him his man is HIGH/DRUNK and he really isn’t too concerned by it!!!! I originally signed a maintenance contract with this company 1.5 years ago and on those maintenance visits have never had the same employee twice, things that make you go HUH?? The maintenance visits were always LATE or NO SHOWED as well, how hard is it to keep an appointment your company schedules?? Various IDIOTS who have come to my home are Nathan, Joshua, Robert, James & Steven. Various IDIOTS who I have talked to in the office and been LIED to by are Tina, Kristin, & Bob the office manager. Then when my system DIED after the $500 “CUT & PULL” I speak to Mike Lewis the owner about a replacement system cost and he quotes me $6,700 which I think is quite high after all the problems I have had with his company during our 1.5 year relationship. It turns out his quote is EXTREMELY HIGH, I find a system for $4,800 which is actually a better spec system than what he was trying to sell me for $6,700. LEWIS and his whole plethora of SCAM *** employees are all BAD PEOPLE & IDIOTS!!!!!! STAY AS FAR AWAY from this SCAM COMPANY as you can!!!!!!
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The homeowner, Mel, and I did have a lengthy conversation about his system. To begin with, he was told he needed a cut and pull because he never changed his filters and the coil was dirty. He was told that the cleaning would last 4 or 5 years provided that he changed his filters regularly (not that his system would last 4 or 5 years). His system failed a month or so after the coil cleaning and the repair was expensive enough that he decided he wanted a price on a new system (compressor). We quoted a price for him on a Bryant system. Mel wanted the system discounted heavily because of all the trouble and inconvenience he experienced (appointments rescheduled). Before the cut and pull, Mel was told that his system was "on its last leg" due to its age and lack of maintenance.

When the system failed, we tried to help Mel by arranging financing through our third party finance company. Mel told us there would be no problem because his credit was flawless. Well, flawless or not, the finance company rejected his application. Then Mel decided that the equipment was too expensive, the technicians were high, everybody was rude to him, etc.

We have all of our technicians background checked by Ask the Seal. They are drug tested as part of our hiring process. We do not hire people that fail the drug test or have a criminal record. Having said that, I am not naive enough to believe that people don't make bad choices after being hired. The problem here with Mel's story is that he never called the office to complain about the technician when he was at his house. Had he done so, the technician would have been sent immediately for a drug test. Refusal or failure would have resulted in termination (and this wouldn't be a "he said/she said" story).

Mel goes on to call lots of people idiots and liars, etc. The only lie in this story comes from Mel where he claims that this incident cost him $500. It cost him nothing. His money was refunded even though the original cut and pull was done correctly.

I'm not sure what scam Mel is referring to in his "story." Mel is directing his anger at good employees who try to do their best to help customers. He should direct his anger at himself for not managing his personal finances better. None of this would have happened if Mel wasn't embarrassed by the credit company's rejection of his application.

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Brandon Cars Com - Auto Scam at Brandon Hyundai/Mitsubuishi

Update by user Jun 18, 2013

No response back from the dealer at all including Dan Norris the owner, what a surprise, NOT!!!!

Original review posted by user May 18, 2013
I started by contacting Brandon Florida Hyundai this past Friday night on my way home from work, I was driving so I did not write down the “Internet Manager” name I spoke with at 1800 hours, he promised a callback with numbers on an Elantra base within 15-30 minutes, guess what no callback so I start on Saturday morning by contacting the GM Dan who runs a TV ad saying if your experience was not good contact me on the store web site and tell me, “I will fix it.’ I sent the email and 3 minutes later I get a callback from Earl Kober an Internet manager saying how sorry he was about how I was treated, what can he do to help me, I explain again what I am looking for my son, the Elantra base no bells & whistles. I explain I would see him between 1400-**** hours that afternoon as we had other plans for the morning. Another 10 minutes later I get a call from “Anthony” who claims he is calling on Mr. Norris behalf and he wants to fix the error from Friday night, so I have to explain to him once again what I am looking for and I explain to him when I would be there, but I also explain to him I had already spoken with Earl but “Anthony” says he is calling directly because Mr. Norris asked to act on his behalf. I ask “Anthony” to get with Earl and sort out who is going to work with me and he says he will but it will be him because Mr. Norris specifically asked him to call me. I say that is good, I told “Anthony” where I needed to be on lease payment and purchase payment the first time we spoke and details of the car we were looking at for our son, “Anthony” says we can get there on either payment easy. I explain to “Anthony” that we are turning in my son's 2010 Mazda 6 lease with 5000 miles on it when we purchased 36000 miles on the lease, “Anthony” says we can use that as a trade in since the miles are so exceptionally low, they will pay us several thousand dollars above our lease turn in numbers for a exceptionally low mileage vehicle like that, guess what another LIE. Anthony” calls me back 12 times before I arrive at the dealership and lo and behold “Anthony” is not his real name, it is Amir and guess what he had never spoken to Earl who is whom we meet when we get to the showroom. “Amir” also LIED to me numerous times on the phone saying Mr. Norris was waiting for me to personally apologize to us, guess what another LIE Mr. Norris had been gone for over an hour for the day already. “ Amir” comes and tosses some keys at Earl and then sulks in the background like a baby who lost his favorite toy when we depart for the test drive with Earl, needless to say they never spoke about who was going to work with me as I had asked numerous times. I had asked both Earl and Amir on the phone who I had spoken to the previous evening and when I got there they claimed they could not track the phone call, but somehow they had no problem making a combined 17 calls to me at the same number. Then please let me get to the numbers and how messed up they were, as previously stated I had given them both ballpark numbers we needed to be at, they both claim on the phone , “We won’t lose a Repeat Hyundai buyer deal on numbers”, guess what another LIE, they lost the deal on NUMBERS, HONESTY and STUPIDITY!!!!! Their lease numbers were over a $100 dollars a month above both Chevy & Mazda and their purchase numbers were over $50 a month above both as well. Mr. Norris FIX the people who represent you to the public, “Amir should be terminated immediately for all the LIES he told us starting with his name, tell me your real name not an American name you make up, Please”. Earl should not promise things on the phone he can’t deliver in person when you show up ready to do business. I have given Mr. Norris the Owner/GM over a week to respond via email or phone with no response thus far,what a shock that is, NOT!!!!
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