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Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry/ Cancun Top Dental

Greetings! I would like to warn everyone about Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry/ Cancun Top Dental/ Dental Maya- and they have/had one other name, but I have forgotten. The theory of dental tourism- having dental work done outside the USA is excellent. And Cancun is a wonderful location. However, Cancun Cosmetic dentistry is perhaps the worst clinic you can visit. I would like to briefly outline my concerns and experience. 1) Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry is a money making center first, and a dental clinic second. 2) The owner, Dr German, is not a specialist, he is a general dentist. He and his sister are business people- they spend a tremendous amount of money on advertising, marketing and professional sales force. They spend around 30,000 usd per month to get business- maybe more. All of the 'positive' press is bought and paid for. All of the websites they advertise on are bought and paid for- we are talking major money. 3) All of the work is performed by young dentists right out of school. It is easy for the owners to recruit young dentist because everyone in Mexico wants to live in Cancun. The owners pay these young doctors very little. And all of the young dentist are paid by commission. because these dentist are young and want money (who does not) they perform unnessacary procedures so as just to get paid. Also, because they are young and inexperienced, these dentists make a lot of mistakes. 4) In another attempt to maximize profits, the clinic purchases the cheapest dental materials available. and the clinic uses the cheapest dental lab (the people who make crowns, veneers, etc). The consequences of this is that the crowns/veneers will not last that long. let me explain why- if the crown/veneer does not fit perfectly, mostiture and bacteria will get in between the crown/veneer and the file downed tooth. Then, with time, the underlying bone will rot away. also, if the crown/veneers are not fitted properly, over time the crown/veneer will just pop off, especially if the crown/veneer is seated too high or not vertically correct. The continued force of the crowns/veneers coming together over and over again will not only break the crown/veneer, but will compromise the shaved down tooth- which mean, not only will your crown/veneer be worthless, but the underlying tooth will be destroyed, leading you with nothing! 5) These people change names like I change girlfriends. Dental Maya, Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry, Cancun Top Dental, and at least one other name, I think 2. They change names when the complaints pile up, and maybe for other reasons. 6) The refund policy is flawed. If you are lucky enough to get a refund, it will not be 100%- maybe 75%- and the lady owner, I forget her name, will make you sign a non-disclosure promising not to post anything on line- and they will sue you in the usa if you break the non-disclosure! If you need serious dental work, Cancun is a great location. And if you come to Cancun, you should get consultations from 3-4 clinics. I would recommend Dentiras, Dentcare, Hospident or Dentistar; If you are going to have a lot of work done. All of these clinics are owned by the surgeon who does the procedures. All of these clinics are more concerned about a quality outcome than over money. Since these surgeons are so good, they have a steady amount of business, so they do not advertise as aggressively as Cancun cosmetic- they do not need to. I know for a fact that when Dr German needs dental work done, he goes to one of the clinics I have listed. I work for none of these people. I met with all of these clinics. I know what I am taking about. Feel free to email me any questions. piggypigpig32@***.com
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Unfortunately, I've had the same experience. Several crowns and veneers fell off, and I've lost two teeth completely.

This will cost many thousands to fix. Even when I was there, the conditions were unsanitary and I was stuck having to take antibiotics. I really liked these people but they were not honest.

They lied about what I needed dentally and left me with a big mess. I'm very disappointed and want to warn people before they step into this trap.


WTF are these people doing :( Go have a look at Pete Macmullins YouTube video that kid is out 20 to 25 grand. While your at it read the review posted on Cancun Cosmetic Dentist Complaint about veneers and crowns by JM Survivor.

This thing calling himself a dentist was to give the patient veneers but prepped for crowns and didn't even do that correctly. Drilled into bone and over the biological teeth margins and has cost that ex-patient over 30 grand.

He is no high end cosmetic dentist. Would be in jail in America if he practiced like that here.

You people wont get any money back, there is noway they have it to give. Just from what I've read he has caused at least 300,000 dollars in repair work. Ashamed he holds an ADA GENERAL membership and not living up to its code of ethics.

Pimping our logo to trick you people. Hey ding *** marketing manager your just as guilty as your boss.


This is right on man! Thanks for providing all that information.

I do hope people really get out there and do their own research. Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry is bad news.

Spend a few hours at least checking some of the *** they have been involved in. :)


Dr. Arzate works in Cancun Top Dental aka internet business name Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry.

There are two office locations one is in Plaza Las Americas and the other in MaleCon mall both located in Cancun Mexico. Please avoid these dentists and clinics. We are paying to get our dental work redone at triple the costs. Absolutely ripped off and not worth the trouble to have flown there to be treated poorly and disgracefully.

Lost allot but at least others can make better choices than we did. Get on a local dental school list or a payment plan at home.

This was not worth it at all. Do not go to these clinics!!!!

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