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I got on the bandwagon when a friend of mine started selling these products. I wasn't aware of the fact that you have to sign up for at least 3 months of automatic shipments to get the "loyal customer" pricing, which is considerably lower than advertised prices. If you...
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I agree with that customer service not being resonsive. I moved and left forwarding address with post office but it was not forwarded but according to PO it was returned to sender, next month same thing but I'm out $50 and no product. I requested a refund or resend....nothing...what gives?

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Dallas, Texas
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First off, I'll never drive anything but a Mazda again. That being said, I'll also never buy a Mazda from Moffitt again. I was screwed from the beginning when I got my car. It was my first car purchase, I didn't really understand what was going on. I'm not saying that to take any responsibility from myself-I'm just saying if you purchase here, be careful. To be able to get the loan, they misquoted my salary by 20 grand. Again, it's my dumb fault and I get that...but the idea that a company would find this to be acceptable is disturbing. Even though that was a huge problem, the biggest issues that I've had have been with the service department. I can't even describe the problems I've had over the years. The first serious issue I had was in 2009 when the very "helpful" service representative had the wrong sized tires put on my car, which set my traction sensors haywire. I went by there three times and was dismissed as crazy before I finally decided to call another dealership and explain the problem, and they told me to check the tire size. The wrong sized tires were put on my car and not only did no one check it, no one had the fortitude to figure it out. Another time I needed parts replaced and dropped my car off, only to be told by the young lady working that they didn't have the parts, and she proceeded to scold me for not ordering them. So I had to go get my car, reschedule the repairs, and start all over again. I took my car in for routine maintenance and asked for the tires to be checked, etc. The person who looked at it told me that it was all good, tires good...except that I knew that I damaged part of my tire that was slowly leaking. I told him this and had to remind him to do the oil change. He was irritated by both requests (which I'd already advised him of in the first place). Then, they sent me elsewhere to have my tire leak fixed. The last time I had a serious fuel pump issue and the young man working behind the counter was rude, rude, rude. They kept my car for over 48 hours before he even requested that the problem be diagnosed, then another day before he ordered the part. Then, after they quoted me one price, they came back and told me they were wrong, and it was really $400 more. In the above situations, I will say that the district manager and the senior workers, Ken and Grady, have been quick to fix the problems in a very empathetic and professional way, but it's the fact that these problems should have never happened, AND THEY KEEP HAPPENING. I don't know who they're hiring to work there but they aren't getting their money's worth, that's for sure. Or my money's worth. Even sweet Mr. Moffitt really can't sway me now-and that's sad because all the times I've talked with him, he absolutely brings a smile to my face. I just can't bring myself to go back there and worry that I won't get my car fixed or diagnosed properly the first time.
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Bossier City, Louisiana