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WARNING!!!!! Pacific Reproductive CRYOBANK Poor service

Pacific Reproductive Cryobank #653714
+++++++ 2nd Update++++++++

During the previous update I informed you that I placed an order to be shipped. I paid an extra $260.00 for next day arriva. Meaning I placed the order on Tuesday for it to be received by Wednesday morning. I also paid an extra $260.00 to make sure it will arrive at my fertility doctor by Wednesday morning. THE SHIPPMENT ARRIVED LATE. IT DID NOT ARRIVE TO MY DOCTORS OFFICE UNTIL THURSDAY AFTERNOON. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

FYI- I have to correct the name of the company. The correct name is Pacific Reporductie Services. I will update this information. When I shared my horible experience with others they were NOT surprised. Many other women had bad experiences with Pacific Reproductive Services as well. The staff at the front desk had negative things to say about Pacific Reproductive Services as well.

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Bank of America Modification Scam?

Bank Of America #650441

I would like to share important advise. This helped me when I was in need.

1) I prayed to God daily and I fast. I also paid tithes weekly.

2) I contacted a lot of free attorneys. Do a google search under your zip code. Search for a "pro se attorney", Probono Real Estae attorney" etc.

3) Create a file of ALL documents you sent and received from the bank

4) Contact an organization called "" They have helped a lot of people obtain a 2-3% locked intrest rate for 30 years. (I know everyones situation is different and results vary). But they helped many people. Their services are FREE.
Note: Some people are volunteers at They mean well but lack professionalism. So be patient, and keep copies and records of everything.

5) Try to get elected officials to assist on your behalf. Also contact advocates from community based housing programs.

6) Good blessings/Good Karma comes when you help someone in need. Help someone who is less fortunate.

Good Luck
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