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I was forced as an etsy seller to give refunds to customers when I had proof their item was delivered and did refund them. Yet they still can leave a negative comment. Etsy legal calls feedback an 'opinion'.
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Etsy Unethical, Bad/Fraudulent Business Practices

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Etsy also forced me to make a photo essay proving I made my handmade product, which was done and accepted but a few weeks later Etsy pretended I had a copyright violation from Pandora. I got permission from the company to use their name in my products and sent a copy to Etsy. However Etsy pretended there were more complaints and shut all of my shops down with no warning in the other two shops. I had Pandora write directly to Jason Seger at Etsy legal about his incorrect notice of copyright infringement but Etsy will not respond. Etsy has blocked me from viewing the orders also so my customers are left wondering.
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Darryle Kwu
My friends are trying to start their own craft site without this B.S. Currently you can list your items for free as we are trying to gain sellers. If it ***, it is still to our advantage to keep fees lower than Etsy. Feel free to try it out @*** Good luck with your shop either way!
Chicago, IL