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I've had numerous 27" iMac replacements and now it seems as if I'm SOL. I've had to have quite a few iMac replacements for my 27" for a bad airport card, non functional bluetooth, cosmetic damage (imac had giant scratches on the front of it) and bad backlight bleeding. I've been on the phone with Apple and Applecare for these issues more than I would ever care to be on the phone with Apple for, diagnosing the DOA models took the longest. Anyhow I emailed Tim Cook, which got sent over to the Executive Relations team (Apple Customer Relations in Austin, TX). They handled my newest iMac, which was the one with the wifi problem. Was on the phone with Applecare for around 2 hours trying to fix that. Well they don't want to send me another replacement, won't send me another replacement. Told me if I wanted to I could get it repaired, I said what was the difference" And I kept getting excuse after excuse. So after calling Applecare again they decided to issue me a replacement after I sent back my defective iMac. The replacement was supposed to arrive on Monday. Well, it didn't arrive. I called FedEx and they said Apple called to have it returned to them. So the guy who was handling my case had my iMac sent back to Apple because I wasn't supposed to get a replacement. That disgusts me, the iMac was no more than 15 miles from my house. Oh not only that but after he called me on the phone to tell me how furious he was because I "went behind his back" to get an iMac replacement, I am no longer allowed to shop at the Apple online retail store. I'm banned. This is the biggest load of *** I've ever had to deal with. I think for $2500, I should have a computer that works properly. I do not know who else to contact because when I call the online store I'm directed back to Executive Relations. And when I talk to the guy handling my case at Executive Relations, I ask if I can speak to someone else or his superior. He tells me I am only allowed to talk to him. I call BS. Most people at Executive Relations are just kids... well mid 20's. At this point I no longer wish to own an Apple product and they don't seem to care. I guess me buying 12-13 computers, 4 ipads, 7 iphones, and 5 iPods (family) over the years doesn't mean anything.
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You sound a little unreasonable to accept repairs dude.

A hose leak happens on a new car, you don't go back to the dealership and demand a new car.

They'll laugh your *** off the lot.


yup, sounds like user error.

try and call in about the iTunes block at the apple care hotline (1-800-APL-CARE) and see if they can fix your account issues.

other than that, you should have just taken it to a service location if you wanted a quick fix, if you don't have on near by then you just have to deal with the slow mail in repairs, but I don't think you should email Tim Cook (I don't expect he has much to do with repairs anymore)


There is something missing in this story, it doesn't add up. The apple policy is typically 3 repairs and then a replacement. If you are unwilling to go through the same toll free process that everyone else in the world does and work with them for the 3 then replace policy in getting a replacement and then you complain when another department besides apple care, the people who you are supposed to call on the phone for hardware and software support, then I don't feel bad for you because everyone else in the world goes through that, and why are you so special.

Also, you called the store line? The apple retail store? Are you sure you had the right number, because there is an online number for the iTUNES store and that is totally a different number, and it's not their role to help with troubleshooting or hardware issues. If the retail store was giving you the run around in person then I could see why you are upset, but if you're not dealing with an actual apple store location and you're talking to corporate, and the corporate office is dealing with you I highly doubt that they would ever ban you from the iTunes store, or not provide you with the apple care policy information or the apple care phone number in order to get where you need to go.

You're probably not banned from the iTunes store, you're probably just having either user error or a software/account problem that's keeping you off the iTunes store.

If you are actually banned though, there is more then likely a good reason. Since it sounds like you were being difficult, and you were trying to email Tim Cook directly (please omg really?!?) then I hope you got treated exactly as you deserved.


Apple repairs products that are outside their return period, but in warranty. Anything bought from or an Apple store will be replaced by Apple if DOA (Dead on Arrival) within the 14 day return period. So no, I don't feel like I am special, I am going by their rules. I've owned enough Apple products to know how they operate.

And no it wasn't the iTunes store.

Believe what you will, I know what happened, and I didn't do anything to warrant what did happen.


No buying all that *** does make you a silly sheep though!

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