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Web of Trust WOT Lies and False Reviews

By posting here we probably all risk them to do further attacks and make further untrue statements about our websites. Google WOT or Web of Trust and you will see forums filled with similar stories. MyWOT has a community of high level users that get to decide if they like your website or not. If they do not then then rate it low and there is nothing you can do about. They make false statements that we sell drugs, identity theft, and are deceptive. We then use the support method to have customers rate our website, but that was a waste. We just opened them up to the communities hate. They can delete the positive posts and put their posts at the top. We do not directly offer surgery and we in no way offer drugs. We help customers collect information about places in Thailand so they can make accurate information. We make no decisions for them, but only help provide information. During their time here, we are their guide and driver. No one seems interested in reading what we do. It seems like some personal grudge to just take advantage. We read in the support to have our friends and customer come in rate and now users are trying to use that against us as well. We care about our business and if we were some sort of scam we wouldn't spend the time to register here or even list here at all. If anyone here has ever run a small business they would know how difficult is and how much it means to the owner. It is not easy to tell people to register on a website and comment in favor of your website. People are making assumptions and judgement about us. We listed here to help list our company details. Not to list a scam in a website that protects against scams. How do we combat negative reviews from non-customers that are claiming we are associated with botched surgeries, credit card fraud or selling drugs? The ironic thing is, is that mywot is difficult to contact. There is not information about them, and after flagging libel comments nothing happens. This is not what this website is for and it seems many business have had similar problems with their high level users. I do not think mywot is a bad company, but their high level users get to dictate if you are accepted or not instead of how this website states websites are rated. Our positive reviews were deleted and their lies went to the top. Doing this will probably enrage the community more, and hurt our rating. However, the company can not survive if it is not true to its mission and provides bogus reporting.
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WOT has become a joke on its own. I have given up on it years ago due to the many false claims, it is too bad the don't fix it, but by the looks of it they won't.

Anyone can claim anything bad about a site using them and they won't fix it!

just check into it if you don't believe me. Used to be good when first come out but really now just a waist of time actually using it, IMHO!

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