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Carolina One Real Estate - Ripped off by $150.00

Carolina One charged me $150.00 to list my property for rent. In more than 5 weeks, my property was only shown one time and even then, it was not by my leasing agent. In other words, Carolina One took my money and then did absolutely nothing to rent my property during a very busy and prime rental season. There are other companies who do not charge a fee until they have done there job and rented your property. To avoid getting ripped off, please seek out such a company to represent you. I believe when you pay up front, the company has no motivation what so ever to work on your behalf.
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Carolina One Real Estate is a horrible real estate company! Their company over charges it's agents for add on fees and is a train station for temporary agents who come in sell a few homes and get out of the business.

They mislead agents with stats that are nonsense!

Sales meetings are unproductive and a waste of time! Avoid this company!


Would not rent from this company ever. They are very quick at taking your money and making you the tenant jump through hoops, but do nothing for you in return.

If anything breaks in the rental, good luck with seeing it repaired in a timely manner.

You can be waiting for months on end. Carolina One is one of the worst company's I have ever dealt with.


That's Carolina One for ya! How about I wanted to rent a house briefly before I purchased in a particular area and after paying an application fee & sending in ALL of my credentials they tell me they checked my credit & my score was 225.

WTH?? First, they NEVER checked my credit. I have alerts on my report that notifies me when my credit is checked for ANY reason. Secondly they never call my previous landlord.

If they had, they would have discovered that I'd never been late on rent and was paying more than what the place they had listed rented for. Lastly, I had more than 45K in the bank & they knew it because I sent my bank statement to them and they didn't bother to verify anything. They called my phone (in a way to make it go directly to voice mail) and left a msg saying my credit score was too low. When I called back they would not take my call nor return my call.

I feel bad for folks who have their property listed with them to rent out because they pull some shady stuff over at Carolina One. BTW my credit score was 720 and had they played their cards right I may would have purchased my house through them instead but I'm glad I didn't because my Realtor at Century21 treated me just fine.

I called him to rent a place & ended up buying instead all within 2wks of Carolina One telling me my credit score was too low.


No surprise. I was going to list my house for sale with Carolina One with an agent who was fantastic.

Too bad the corrupt company ruins the reputation of some of its great people. In my case, the listing agent was worthless. I couldn't use the agent I wanted because she only dealt with sales, not rentals. I have since gone with Miler Realty in Summerville, SC.

My house was rented and occupied within two weeks and Miler collected no fees from me until AFTER they rented my house. Lesson...NEVER pay any kind of fee until AFTER Carolina One does their part.

They are all about the money and NOT about the work. Choose another agency.

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