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Hairline Clinic - Bad hair transplant performed by Nicholas F Agnesi

My hair transplant surgery (front portion) was ruined by Dr Nicholas F Agnesi of Hairline Clinic in Akron and Independence Ohio. He disregarded my specific wishes, wiped off the pattern that I drew for him off my head, and got the hairline all wrong. He also harvested the wrong hairs from the base of my skull. The hairs he transplanted don't grow well at all. They never have. Not even when I was a teenager. He should have taken the hairs at least one inch higher. Everyone agreed that I had plenty of reliable donor hair but Dr Agnesi didn't bother to look closely and take the best hairs. He just rushed through the job and took the wrong hairs at the base of my skull. When I let Dr Agnesi know what he did wrong, he said that he might be willing to replace the bad hairs after I talk to the president of Hairline Clinic Rob Hoffman. It had to be his call. But when I talked to Rob Hoffman at the Akron location, he refused to even look at the bad work. His attitude was one of complete denial. He just pretended everything was fine and refused to do anything about it. No look. No fix. No refund. I knew those hairs would never grow well but they did take up space. They would make a future transplant (a fix) near impossible. So I was left with no choice but to rip all those bad grafts out myself before they healed. It was a nightmare but I got it done. Now I'm out thousands of dollars and I have nothing to show for it but a very bad memory and a nasty scar at the base of my skull. Dr Agnesi also works for Advanced Hair Restoration of Ohio. Now I'm talking to an attorney and trying to find a new HT doctor who will do what I wish, take their time, and pay attention to detail.
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What a ridiculous review Jim!

I had actually saw your b/s review before I went to see Dr. Agnesi and it sounded less like truth and more like the rantings of a lunatic, so i completely disregarded it and went anyway.

Now that I see how Dr. Agnesi treats his clients, I am very happy that I chose him and am compelled to comment on your very bad, unbelievable review that I read, on a side note, I can not wrap my head around why anyone would tear out their own grafts.

This is my second hair transplant (my first was with another surgeon) and I feel that it went smoother than the first one, and even though I am only 12 days post-op, I am happier than I was at this point with my first. The staff was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and catered to me more like I was their guest than their patient.

I would highly recommend Dr.

Agnesi and am so happy that I did not decide against going to him because of a bad review. If I have to go back a third time to make my hair thicker once it grows in, i will not even consider shopping around for a different doctor.


I had a transplant by Dr. Agnesi, and it was terrible.

I have been suffering from nerve damage on my skull from his last incision, and removal of a strip. The transplant never worked, and when I confronted him, he insisted that it was successful, even though there was no hair growth. This company is bad, and Dr. Agnesi is a terrible surgeon.

I am not going through a different surgeon, world renowned, who said to me: Who is Dr. Agnesi? If I don't know him, he is not someone trustworthy. I implore people to do research, and not go by how cheap this procedure is with Dr.

Agnesi. He ignored what i wanted and implanted dead follicles, in a procedure that only lasted two hours. I assume part of the guilt, because I blindly trusted Ron Walters (Fort Wayne, IN) and the surgeon. Now, I just to inform others of my bad procedure.

It was incredibly painful, and he had a heavy, heavy hand. They need to revoke his license. There was never a follow-up, or anything.

Stay away from Dr. Agnesi!!!


I too had a hair replace by this doctor . He ignored what I wanted and did what he wanted to do .

By the time he was done he left two huge balding areas on my head and told me he put 450 grafts on top of my head when in fact I counted every cut he did and he only put 200 on my head and lied to me . Also he told me if he did my whole area that my hair permanent hair would all fall out and I could go bald from putting my head in shock. Which is a lie . U can put as many grafts as u need in one setting.

He just wanted me to come back so they could get more money. He broke my trust and let me down and I cried for two weeks after the surgery . He don't care . I have tried to talk to him.

It was a 3,500$ procedure and the hair they put in my head fell out already . It's been 3 months . I have like 60 or so little hairs on my forehead and that's it. I had high expectations of my surgery and was let down .

The place I went I won't mention the name but it was filthy and they were unfriendly . I seen two dead coach roaches on the floor when I got my stitches removed. They owner of the building was very nice and said they would fix it but I don't want to be cut open again by that same doctor who broke my trust . And the consultant lies and talks in circles non stop .

Will tell u want u want to here then the doctor will come in and tell what he is going to do and I tried to tell them what I wanted and all I hear is no we will do it this way.

I am shocked and out over 3 grand with a large scare across the back of my skull. Very traumatic situation .by the way no one has even called to see how I was doing .


Mr Ohio thrift if they didn't do your surgery right you can sue them for the bad work. Also let me see the photos.

Hairline clinic if you didn't screw up the surgery you can sue him for slander and make him take down the web page. He put up a whole web page complaining about you. I'll believe whoever makes the first move.

The rest of you its simple.

There is a lot of bad work in the hair transplant business. There are a lot of bad reviews out there. Just find a transplant doctor with all good reviews. Just search them by name and check for bad reviews and bad marks.

Keep doing that until you find one with no complaints and no bad marks. Go out of state if you have to.

Take all the right precautions and you should be fine. You better get it done right the first time or you will be sorry.


Hey anonymous. You are a liar.

and a *** one at that.

First of all, when you consult with Nick Agnesi for a hair transplant, you are NOT led into a room with "many of his clients" waiting to share their experiences with you or let you examine their transplants up close. It just doesn't work that way.

There are no Nick Agnesi hair transplant parties to attend.

There are no clubs which require proof of Agnesi work in order to secure membership. In fact, most recipients of hair transplants are very sensitive when it comes to the work they have had done. For that reason, you are not likely to find 'many' of them in one place. Let alone 'many' who have had work done by one surgeon in particular.

Therefore, your claim that you have "seen this Dr's work and spoke to many of his clients" would be outrageous even if I didn't already know first hand that it just doesn't work that way.

So the next time you want to discredit me, the victim of Agnesi's arrogant and careless attitude or post a cute little ad on his behalf, do your homework first.

In the meantime, I have a question for you? Would you like to see the 'before' and 'after' photos which prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Nick Agnesi altered my desired hairline? No?

That's what I thought. Next.

@Nilda Xrh

Do your before and after photos show you pulling out the transplants? I don't want a 3 page run on response.

Quite frankly no one really gives a flying rats *** what you have to say. The only mistake the Doc made was taking you on as a client. Have you not noticed that out of the thousands of clients he has your the only one over the course of a 20 year plus career that is poorly attempting to publicaly slander one of the best doctors in the industry? Deep down in your thick subconscious you know your wrong.

However you made such a drastic impulsive decision that you lead yourself to believe your completely in the right. Look around Jimmy... No one in the history of this well acomplished doctors career is making any sort of accusation whatsoever. You have nothing but your own realished story and a bucket of loose bolts constructing your thought process.

Move on! You made the mistake! You must accept the consequences! You should have left the implants in!

If what your claiming about your full growth potential is true, you can't prove it now. Take a second to think about the options if you had left the implants in your head. One of two things could have happened, your either right and your not satisfied with the growth or your wrong and you have hair filling in your balding head. If you were right you could have had your inadequate transplant as proof that you were not satisfied with the procedure.

Some how you came up with a third option, which is really coming back to *** you in the ***, you removed the transplants!!! Who does that!? You have no argument! You have no transplants!

You have no attorney willing to represent you! The only thing you do have is a balding head which you will have the rest of your life, because NO ONE is going to help you!


I have seen this Dr's work and spoke to many of his clients and they were all very happy with every aspect of the procedure. The post this man is putting on the web are absurd.

I truly hope he gets the help he obviously needs and its clearly not in the hair restoration field. I have booked my surgery with Dr Agnesi and im very happy I did!!


#1. No.

Council advised me to file a claim of 'Breach of Contract' and/or 'Professional Negligence'. One for the decision of Nick Agnesi to alter my desired hairline against my wishes. The other for his decision to harvest the hairs at the base of my skull without checking first to see if they were "the best" as I had specifically requested to reach maximum density and length.

#2. You're comparing apples and anvils.

A farmer may chose to leave seeds in the ground if there is no real harm in doing so. However, those bad grafts had to come out because they had no chance whatsoever to reach their desired length or grow to a relatively consistent length. They did however, take up space. Leaving them in would have made a corrective procedure virtually impossible.


I don't have 20+ years experience in the field of hair transplantation but I do have 20+ years experience with my own hair and my own hairline. I took this 20+ years of experience into account when I carefully drew a pattern for Nick Agnesi to fill in. Also, when I specifically requested that he transplant only "the best" hairs in order to produce the results that I desired and that I had been led to expect.

#4. Again, for those who absolutely refuse to see the point.

I did not want just another run of the mill transplant with a very high hairline leaving me no choice but to severely compromise my own sense of individuality and wear my hair in one of the most common short-hair styles for the rest of my life. I knew exactly what I wanted. I made it CRYSTAL CLEAR. Dr Agnesi had no right whatsoever to deliberately alter my desired hairline and he was evidently too careless, stubborn, and/or inexperienced to realize that he was transplanting substandard hairs that had no chance whatsoever to reach their desired length.

It was a botched job.

and don't put words in my mouth. I have nothing whatsoever against short-hair styles. If the majority prefer those styles, thats fine for them. I don't.

I've always worn my hair long and I refuse to compromise my own sense of individuality just to accommodate a surgeon who is either too careless, stubborn, or inexperienced to realize that not all hairs within the occipital area are created equal. Mine sure as *** aren't. They grow very short, fine, and frizzy at the base of my skull and just above my ears. They grow MUCH longer and MUCH more consistent near the middle and upper portion of the occipital area on my head.


Somehow, he failed miserably. It was a botched job.


What did the attorney say? Im guessing council told you to find a new doctor.

This time in the mental health field. Do farmers spend all day planting corn to wake up the next day to say, "I think there are better seeds I could have used, lets yank all of these and start over". No! They wait and follow the directions of how it's been done time and time again.

The fact you took the liberty of making the decision to yank "your seads", as if you have 20+ years of experience as doctor, which you clearly don't, proves how compulsive and unstable your state of mind is.

Good luck with wasting your time and finding any doctor in the industry to help you. :)


In an effort to be as truthful and accurate as possible, I need to make one slight correction:

When I let Dr Agnesi know what he did wrong, he advised me to go back in to Hairline Clinic in Independence for an exam. When one of the associates there called him and let him know that my concern was legitimate, he said that he was 'open' to the idea of replacing the bad grafts but also that it would be necessary for me to meet with Rob Hoffman first.

When I met with Rob Hoffman later that day in Akron, his attitude was one of complete denial. Incredibly, this was even after one of his own associates found my concern to be legitimate.

Hence the complaint.

It's been nearly 10 months now.

There has been no attempt whatsoever by Nick Agnesi or Rob Hoffman to resolve the issue.

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