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Aspen Dental - Made me feel powerless

Since my first talk with the girls at Aspen Dental in Johnson City, Tennessee, they put the "rush" on me to sign up for credit to pay for a new upper plate and a lower partial. I had to have a couple of lower teeth pulled and when the upper plate came back (2 weeks minimum to be made and sent from NY) they fitted it and worked with it for over an hour trying to get it to fit properly. It came from NY with extra plastic in many places and where the inside made contact with the roof of my mouth was excruciatingly painful. OK, I was worn out from all the fingers and insertions into my mouth so I agreed to come back in a couple of days to see if the plate would fit itself into my mouth. I tried very hard to make it work..but within a month there was a hairline crack in the upper front of the plate but the dentist denied that there was one !! I told them there most certainly WAS a crack, that the taste buds on the end of my tongue could get caught in it and was hurting me ! They said they could not 'see' one...(like a mechanic telling you 'he couldn't duplicate the problem' and giving you the bums rush out the door. Within a week, the right front tooth broke out and I was back. By this time I had the partial and the dentist blamed it on my ***. She sanded down the four bottom front teeth on the partial to the point where they wouldn't even touch the top PLATE or the top teeth. Have you ever tried to *** through a tomato or apple or onion if your teeth did not touch ??? I complained that she had ground them down too far and she just kept saying it needed to be done to stop the pressure. I told her I used a dam at night to prevent me grinding my teeth, and I still do. She then used the drill to drill out 'crevices' in front of and behind the two teeth on either side of my lowers to allow the wires on the partial to seat. She did not tell me she was going to do this, she just DID. I have precious little enamel on the bottom teeth, and now I have even LESS. I believe this drilling was in direct causation of my right tooth now being completely broken off (last night) and hollowed out. I fully expect its opposite fellow to do the same thing if something isn't done. I called and they began telling me that they couldn't be held responsible for it...then another someone came on line and said I could come in for 'evaluation' but it would cost me $66. A WEEK FROM NOW. I asked what would they consider an emergency situation if a person was in great pain from a tooth breaking in half? No answer except that I could come in next Tuesday...5 days from now. I despise Aspen Dental and totally wish I had never gone there in the first place. I am over $3000 poorer and no way do I see them repairing their shoddy work.
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