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Davita - Racist workers who refuse to take responsibility for there actions

Davita is a non caring, sloppy, company, which hires people with a little or small experience in the medical field. Allowing people to be treated crude, rude and just taking and spending more time on decorations than the actual client. I've been accused of more things than I can imagine, yet these same employees, create accidents and don't listen to the ill client. Instead, it's more about what can be posted on some board. Davita is a horrible, horrible company, and because I complaint, they see me as someone who is never satisfied, which is not true rather it's the actions of the staff that makes me feel very unsafe.
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Thank you. I work for them now and was told that I have too much conversation and jokes with the patients.

While other staff treat them like cattle...hook them up and walk away without any care or concern. I thank you for letting me know that I'm not being too clingy or caring


I was written up for being unprofessional...I treat my patients like family...we share and laugh but now I can't and my patients feel the dfference...I thank ya'll for sad...just hook up and push out


You may be referring to a certain Davita Facility, but the Facility I work at has a wonderful bond with all of our patients! We truly all work together as a team!

I do not think it's fair to down talk Davita as a whole just because you had a bad Experience at a certain facility! Please go to that Facility's FA & social worker to discuss any Davita employee that may be causing problems!!!

Also Davita provides proper training... My guess is the persons you are referring to are choosing to not follow Davita's policies & procedures, and need to be turned in to the FA.


I am really sad that you guys feel this way to the company where I belong and received my paycheck I would never ever do this kind of things to my patients....I am an advocate for best care and safety for my dialysis patients....hope that you can be my patients so you will know and see the difference that not everybody that works at my company are like that..


All i can say is that these places have to be licensed......if they are making errors or you feel your life is at stake....turn them in. Otherwise - look else where for care


I thought I the only one that felt that way I left and came back to the same old foolishness often I would go home crying and feeling afraid to go to treatment because of feeling unsafe because worker would gang up on you if you question anthing' I feel your pain.

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