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This daycare is the WORST ever daycare ever built and created. Let's talk about the Director Jennifer Hodges that women puts the T in Trailer park trash she is an evil, vicious, crook she has stolen money from the company she has been having her crooks as friends clocking her in when she is not there. All she does is Lie on people and the sad thing about is the ignorant *** people from corporate Becky and Cindy believe whatever she tells them and they don't even investigate. They are all dumb as a box of rocks. Jennifer acts like she is better than everyone but she has three different kids from three different men so yeah she is a ***. She is a grown *** old looking *** that makes about 14-15 dollars an hour and is struggling in life and she will continue to struggle in life. Lets Talk about Leticia fat *** Lewis this *** eats all the time thats why the center is always running out of food because of her. I spoken to a teacher who works there and she informed me that Leticia was responsible for giving a child a concussion not only that but the child had to get stitches too.This was a situation that the daycare also covered up I think she should of been fire for hurting someones child. Now Jessica who is also a teacher looks like she likes to chew on rocks her teeth are rotten missing and or chipped and she has the nerves to smile in peoples face? Let's not forget the odor that comes from all three of these women they all smell like goats. I would not advise anyone to bring their kids there they combine all age groups and when your child gets injured they would do whatever they can do to cover it up I am so happy I took my child out of that center. I don't understand why they act like that and they are all grown women making no kind of money. I can't wait for the truth about this center comes out. This Center is located at 2715 Mall OF GA BLVD Buford, GA 30715 BEWARE OF THIS CENTER
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My husband went on a tour with one of the ladies and he too complained about a fowl smell. I am glad we did not send our daughter here. How does a child get a concussion and there is no investigation????

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