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MyPillow - Pain in the neck

This pillow is horrible and I feel like a real *** for buying into its hype. I was waking up 4-5 per night with aches in my head and neck having to adjust this smelly noisy over priced excuse for a pillow. Huge price tag and huge disappointment. DO NOT waste your time!!! I won't even bother trying to send it back for a refund either because from reading other people's reviews its sounds like one more huge pain in the neck. As a side note, I have never written a review that was this negative. In fact rather than just chalking it up to my own *** mistake I went out of my way to warn people about this. To people who love this pillow, you must've slept with a brick under your head and I will happily give you the two pillows I bought if you send me an address to send it to. SHAME ON YOU,MY PILLOW!!! How do you sleep at night? Hopefully on your own uncomfortable pillows.
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Thank you for the warning- the TV advertisement sounded so great I was ready to order one to send to my son stationed in Afghanistan to give him some of the comforts of home.

When I typed in THANK GOODNESS- I saw immediately that this product has many complaints and I noticed that the TV ad did not list the price of this pillow so I was also going online to see the purchase price. I don't have money to spare and don't need to send my son an "experimental" pillow with so many complaints about it.

I feel very fortunate that consumers took the time to give their opinion of this product before I made a costly mistake. I also will post a review of an item that has disappointed me- so I appreciate that others will take the time to inform us of their experience!


I've read about an equal amount of positive and negative reviews of this pillow. All I know is that my current pillow, which I've had forever needs to be replaced and I need to try another kind.

I have a very bad neck - cervical degeneration, bone spurs, etc. I had to retire early due to my poor health, and I can't afford a chiropractor any more like I used to when I was working. I also have frequent headaches and migraines and I have never slept well even when I was young. So I am willing to try anything to see if I might be one of the people who do well with 'My Pillow'.

I would love to take you up on the offer of trying your pillows. I would pay you for the shipping. How do I contact that you though is the question.

I doubt you will see this comment so long after you made your original review. :x


Thank you for writing this. Although I'm still morbidly curious, I'll take the pillows!

Kidding! (Sort of :) Thanks again for taking the time to warn me.

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