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2011 Ford Escape A/C

Ford #680474
I had the same problem with the 2010 Escape. Over $2,000 to repair. Also have replaced a motor mount and 2 tire pressure sensors. I currently have 47,000 miles (90% interstate driving) and all these repairs have occurred in the last 3 months. NOT a happy customer at all. Ford Customer Service is a joke. Actively looking to trade this POS. As a bonus it's lost over $7,000 in value in the past year. Wow.
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Had the same problem with my Escape 2010. I was "lucky" that the problem started under warranty but it has been almost two months that I'm waiting for their call to replace the entire system.They just told me that they are "waiting for the parts". I hope they receive those parts BEFORE winter. I'm not considering Ford for my next purchase. Ford used to be much better than that.
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Complete AC Failure/ AC Dryer Failure

Ford #640888
From's website...
Important Warranty Note:

To effectively restore an air conditioning system after internal compressor failure or other major system contamination, do the following in addition to replacing the compressor:

Always replace the following items:
•Condenser if equipped with integral drier pack that is NOT serviced separately
•Serviceable Drier Pack or Accumulator/Receiver–Drier
•Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) / Orifice Tube
•All hose assemblies that contain a muffler

Flush the following items using Ford approved flushing procedure:
•Condenser if equipped with serviceable drier pack - drier pack must be removed before flushing
•All hoses that do not contain a muffler

Supporting documentation indicating all of the above procedures were completed must be retained for all warranty and ESB compressor replacements.

In addition ...
On 26 Aug 12, Ford issued a Special Service Message (22492 - 2***-*011 Mariner / 2009 -**** Escape - A/C Lack of Cooling Due to Desiccant Material) - Some 2009-**** Escape/Mariner vehicles may exhibit an A/C
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