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Aafes Exchange - Poor customer service

There is a manager named Martin at the Burger King Located on the Air Force Academy. Every time my family dines-in and Martin is working, he seems to be very aggravated with his employees and does not seem to be very customer friendly with all or any customers. It seems as though he brings personal problems to work and it is not appreciated at all. I would be willing to bet that Martin receives many complaints from customers, and for some reason we see him there month after month for some odd reason. The human resources division of AAFES really needs to check into this as soon as possible. I am sure he has cost this establishment a lot of income. Thank you.
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I have also had issues with the Burger King on the Air Force Academy. Went through the drive through yesterday, with my order, I had 3 large drinks.

Pulled to the window , paid for my order, I told the gal I didn't need a drink carrier ,she said " I will give it to you and you can take the drinks out and give it back to me". The drinks were already spilling over, and I can not hold on to an un sturdy heavy drink carrier , so I told her ,no, I will just take the drinks. She left , said something to the other guy working on an order, he turned and looked out the window and laughed . He then came to the window and went to hand me the drinks in the drink carrier, I told him" I don't need / want the drink carrier and he informed me it was a burger king policy that he had to give me the drink carrier!

I refused once again and they refused to give me our 3 large drinks. If I don't take the carrier , I don't get my drinks!! I ended up having to go inside to get our food and drinks all because I didn't want a drink carrier that I couldn't lift and hold onto with one hand. To me I feel like I was bullied and forced to do what they wanted me to do!

I will never eat at the burger king on the Academy again..... What if a Disabled vet rolled through there and was unable to lift that drink carrier with all that weight with his injured hand?

would he be treated the same way! I sure hope not!!!

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