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This company is a LIAR and a DECEIVING . PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. First of all , the company staff lied about their company being several years in this business but actually, you can see here that they are operating only for 2 years. The owner/CEO/President is very rude and very insensitive too. I bought a Sauder bookcase for $300++ from them, and when my husband and I assembled it, the furniture wobbled, fell, and crash to pieces. We are very concerned about the safety of this product that we feared that if we asked for replacement of the same brand from the same company, we may endanger and risk the safety of our children in case the bookcase fall again. So we contacted them to return it. They said we needed to contact Sauder. Sauder couldn't help us because they cannot return the money since we did not pay Sauder. We paid J. Conrad Furniture. After several attempts to call and email them, they ignored my messages. Then after a month, they told me that they would not refund me because that is not their policy once the product is opened. I explained to them that we would not know that the product is safe if we did not open it. So, I tried to seek help from various customer services to which Mr. John Yoder (the President/Owner) ignored again and persistently refused to refund. So I returned the undamaged parts to them just to get my refund. But he still refused to give me the full refund saying I just sent him half of the product. I explained to him, how could I return shattered pieces to which he did not believe since he still believed that the product he is selling to consumers is durable and high quality. I explained to him that normally and usually, when consumers return a damaged product or when a product posed safety risks, they are being refunded. He ignored me again. If this was just costing me $50 , I would not mind bugging him and the company about this. But because it involves a lot of money and a risk to safety to my children , I demand that he gives me a refund. But J. Conrad Furniture and Mr. John Yoder does not know how to run a business nor satisfy a consumer. They do not know how to make a good public image and maintain good customer relations. They are just people who try to amass money with their *** attitude and *** products and terrible service. They do not have CUSTOMER SERVICE at all for they know nothing about customer's satisfaction. THIS COMPANY, J. CONRAD FURNITURE WILL GET ITS KARMA SOON. AS LONG AS THEY KEEP HOLDING ON TO THEIR MONEY AND HOLDING ON TO MONEY THAT IS NOT WELL -DESERVED AS THEY DON'T DELIVER GOOD SERVICE AND SATISFACTION TO CUSTOMERS, THEY WILL COLLAPSE, AND THE BUSINESS WILL FAIL AND GET NOWHERE.....UNTIL OBLIVION. Watch out. PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HERE COZ YOU'LL JUST BE TREATED LIKE *** , ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THEIR PRODUCTS, EVEN IF IT IS CONCERNING SAFETY, THEY DON'T CARE.
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