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Cheapflightdeals - Another Cheap Flights Deal Fraud

Had to buy 3 airline tickets to Berlin, with little time. This website came up and offered the lowest prices. I suspected at first, since they stated that they currently have some technical issues with taking Credit Cards, and recommended PayPal. Then PayPal was also not available, but somehow since their explanations did seem to make some sense, and especially since their website was indeed finding real flights and updating the still available spaces, I fell for it and decided to take the risk, and send the funds via Western Union (which my friend was familiar with and has used in the past). The website provided immediate email responses and correct instructions how to perform the transfer, and indeed got my defences down. Since you cannot use WU for paying a commercial business, they give you the name (in my case it was Arturas Alfiorovas) of the company's accountant - so they claim. I should have been MORE suspicious, but the price seemed very good (not fantastic, but good enough to take the risk). The rest is history. Contacted Western Union, filed a complaint and intending to do the same with the UK police. The money (892 USD) was actually picked up, only this afternoon,at Birmingham, where there really is a guy called Arturas Alfiorovas. Since he had to identify himself in person, for getting the money - is he a part of it? Was he sent forward being promised, that he will get some 10 USD for his service? I expect the Birmingham police to pay him a visit.
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Just happened to me.

Why did I only google them now?... :( How frustrating.

Did you take an action?

Did you fly anyway?


Sorry to hear.

The action I took was to report it at the Birmingham Police website, and at Western Union, but unfortunately there was not much else I could do.

I had to fly anyway (film project).

The frustrating thing is that they CONTINUE to do it and no one is doing ANYTHING about it. Luckily I was able to help my son from doing the same mistake, when he needed a cheap flight in Afrika. He remembered the story and contacted me. A quick look proved it was indeed THEM. That time, they didn't win.

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