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I have been an Aspen Dental patint for 5 years. Each time I have been there, there is an entirely different staff from the receptionists, to the assistants, to the dentists. Aside from the staff changes I had no complaints except that they desperately tried to talk me into expensive procedures I didn't need. The wanted to schedule me for a perio-prophy after doing a perio probe. They did not know that I have 35 years of detal office experience under my belt & I know what the numbers mean. My number were all good (ones & twos) & a perio prophy (deep cleaning) is for people whose numbers are fours & fives. They tried to schedual me for $1200 dollars worth of deep cleaning that I didn't need. But that is not my complaint. On Tuesday I had an emergency. I had a badly infected molar. I went in to wait for an appointment to open up first thing in the morning. The wait was not long, less than an hour. I fully expected to get an Rx for an antibiotic, knowing it is impossible to completely numb a tooth that is severely infected. But the DDS told me that I needed to have the tooth removed right then & there. Since I wasn't shown the xray, I did not know it was as bad as it was, tho I suspected it was severe due to the amount of pain & swelling I was having. The DDS then tried to numb the tooth with a procedure that was unfamiliar to me, it numbs the tooth only instead of the entire quadrant of the jaw. When she hit my tooth with this numbing device I screamed, she hit it three more times & I screamed louder & everything went white in my head, I saw stars & I am sure that I passed out. (I am not a screamer & I have a high tolerance to pain. I gave birth to children back in the early 80's when it was popular theory at the time to not accept any drugs for pain as they thought it was bad for the baby. I did NOT scream during the birth process at any time, nor did I pass out.) In the Aspen office when I came to, no one was in the room, but the DDS returned shortly (I'm assuming it was shortly, I really have no idea how long I was out.) I asked her what it was she had just done to me & I begged her not to do it again. She explained that it was 'single tooth anesthesia. I told her it did not work, my tooth was not numb at all. I asked her why the pain had been so severe & she said that I "had a hot tooth." I was so furious, I was shaking, I was so upset that I couldn't think straight. I asked her to please use some carbocain or novacain with a regular needle which she did. It immediately numbed my upper jaw & infected tooth was number 19, which is a tooth on the lower left. Wanting the entire experience to be over with I let her extract the tooth. She did a quick elevation & tug with the forceps & the tooth came right out. She then told me that she would be back in a moment to put in a medicated packing, but a long time passed & she never came back. Finally an assistant came in, removed the bib & dismissed me. No sutures were put in, no antibiotic was given, nor anything for pain. I was charged for a surgical extraction when the procedure was clearly a simple one. I had to ask for some medication & the assistant came back in with an Rx for pain, but no antibiotic. (I didn't look at the Rx until I was at the pharmacy.) I developed a dry socket & contacted the emergency number on Saturday, April 6th, 2013 (yesterday) I got a huge run around from the DDS claiming she had phoned in medications when she had not. The entire experience was an absolute nightmare. I would love to know if I can sue for the agony I went through as well as being charged for a procedure that was not done. I would be happy to hear from anyone with helpful advise at MelindaDolan1966@***.com
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Aspen dental in saginaw Michigan completely destroyed my tooth. I had a broken molar which turned into an infection .

Went to get it removed and the local anesthetic wasn't enough but the woman insisted that I 'man up' and finish the extraction. I denyed and left with the most pain in my life for the weekend. Went to see a specialist . And he told me after the first look with no xrays he can tell that I need to be sedated because the infection was so sever local anesthetic wouldn't be enough and he told me that any real dentist would have told me the same thing..

this isn't even my only complaint! I thought maybe it as just saginaw so my wife went to flint aspen dental for a filling that wasn't even bothering her. She just wanted it taken care of. They convinced her she need all sorts of *** instead.

(Still not touching the tooth she even had a complaint about) and now she has been in severe pain ever since. They asked her to come back and they gave her some *** paste that would fix it and it didn't do a thing besides cost more money. Now we have to go see a real dentist because aspen has messed up her mouth as well. I say proudly *** aspen dental.

Never go there unless you want to waste money and be in pain.

Aspen dental is the worst dentist office both of us and apparently a ton of other people have ever experienced. We are currently filing our complaint along with every other person Aspen as messed up.


Heres some advice.... Stop lying and exagerating the truth.

The "deep cleaning" is designed to treat periodontal disease which is a bacterial infection in the gums and sounds like your case was pretty severe if your tooth came right put as you claim it did. Maybe if you would have listened to them in the first place when they told you about your condition in the first place instead of claiming to know more than the dentist you would have never had to go through this agony in the first place. The only person you should sue is yourself for being dumb in the first place.

How about showing some gratitude for getting your infected tooth out right away. And also the source of the infection was the tooth and if you remove the source of the infection the infection will resolve naturally and no antibiotics are needed, but i guess you knew that already from your 35 years of answering a phone at a dentist office.


Advice well said.

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