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Aspen Dental - Management Disaster!!

Fortunately, I have only good things to say about the doctors and hygienists at Aspen. The same CANNOT be said for the clerical staff, however. It seems that every time I am in the office, there is an unhappy patient demanding to speak to a manager. Today, that patient was me. I arrived 10 minutes early for my 3pm appointment this afternoon. When I approached the desk to sign myself in, the receptionist, Jessica, did not even look up from the computer screen to look at me and offer even a smile or a nod. Quite rude, and of course, awkward since I was standing merely inches in front of her for the several minutes it took to fill out the sign-in sheet. Then I took a seat in the waiting room...and waited. Thirty minutes later, my cell phone rang. I was surprised to see that it was Aspen Dental, calling to reprimand me for being half an hour late for my appointment. I replied, "I'm here. I've been sitting in your waiting room for 40 minutes." The rude receptionist who went out of her way to ignore me upon my arrival stood up with the telephone receiver to her ear and looked at me for the very first time. I waved to her, my phone still affixed to my ear and she started scrambling around frantically. "I've been sitting here for three quarters of an hour. Are you telling me you never even checked me in and that I could have been seen and done with my appointment already?" The rude receptionist stuttered and scurried away. Finally, I was whisked into an exam room and seen. My procedure took all of fifteen minutes to complete. On my way out, I spoke to the manager. The manager did not hesitate to blame her worker and let me know that she was a new and inexperienced employee. This only proves to me the inefficacy of the manager herself. If one of her workers is new to the job, she should be shadowed closely BY THE MANAGER to ensure these sort of slip ups don't happen! I am embarrassed for the entire clerical staff there, especially for the manager who is clearly not fulfilling EITHER of her roles as leader for her employees or as customer service liaison. This is not the first time I've experienced questionable service at the front desk at Aspen Dental. Last winter, I scheduled a procedure and was asked by two different people to pay two different prices for the same procedure, differing by MORE THAN ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! To clarify, both estimates were after insurance had been applied and were the final out of pocket cost. Most businesses go out of their way nowadays to ensure that their employees are held accountable, and that their customers are satisfied, considering that stories like these immediately find their way into social media and become the laughing stock of everyone on the disgruntled customer's friend list. If I were affiliated in any way with Aspen Dental as a business venture, I would be ashamed, As a patient, I am embarrassed enough for you.
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there are a lot of rude workers now a days and it's not right how they act towards people...but there are some few GREAT workers out there that need to hear that they are doing a wonderful job! a big thank you to all the great ones who know how to do your job and are very nice towards people!!! :zzz


What aspen was this?

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