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Aspen Dental - Ill fitting dentures

In feb I had 6 upper teeth removed and denture placed right away well the denture fell out of my mouth before I got out of the chair, They said they would tighten well after all trips back without any luck they made me a new set. Now you can start to laugh for they are as bad as the first set. I told them when they did relines that the material was warm and left a bad taste in my mouth and my toung has been sore ever since I had to go to the ER over this the Dr told me ey not to wear the teeth and go back to Aspen I did and gave them a copy of the dr report I am so upset with these denturesFirst they don"t fit second the *** is off and third I have been embarresed with them falling out fourth I have been emaressed talking and eating for them for they fall out. When I first went there they guarenteed me that there would be no problem making my denture and that it would stay in Lets all laugh now I will never go back to them for all they want is your money. When I left for the last time three people that work there was lined up against the wall and laughted when I left, Realy made me feel like I was realy taken by them. I paid a lot of money for this service but I sure will tell everyone I know of my experience with ASPEN DENTAL
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I went in for lower dentures. The immediate denture after extractions was horrendous.

I looked like Mr. Ed and they ended up grinding the back teeth down so far there were basically none left and the *** was still off. I was told that the permanent denture that would be made around the 6 month mark would fit right. Several trips and adjustments later, one of the dentists actually listened and got the immediate denture to fit better, line up better and I could talk normally.

When I went back to see about having the permanent one made, that wonderful dentist was not there and I was left with the others who ruined the immediate denture and didn't know how to make it fit. Well when I went in, and spoke with them about the permanent set, they were planning on using the same teeth that were in the immediate denture, the ground down ones, to make the permanent one. I spoke to the office manager and after telling them that I have shared pictures and all info from all visits to my dental insurance carrier, they agreed to make the permanent set using new teeth. Well I went through 3 wax try ins.

The first on wouldn't even go in my mouth. The second one wouldn't either. They brought a lab tech in who told them to just set the back teeth on one side lower. The third time seemed like a charm as it fit fairly good and looked great.

I signed off on appearance and they told me to come back in about a week. Tonight I went in and the permanent denture would not go in my mouth very easy and when it went in, I couldn't begin to close my mouth. The tech ground some of the inside back on one side and had me try it in again. Still no luck.

She ground them some more. Finally they went in but were extremely loose and were too long. More grinding. Then she announced that I should try wearing them a day because they were lining up good and when I go back, they can do more adjustments to address the soreness and that they would need to align ***, they ground way too much away and they are so loose they will have to.

Well, they never let me see them once they were in my mouth, never offered a mirror, just rushed me out and told me to come back in 5 days when I could fit it into my schedule but not to wear them until that day. When I got home, I went into the bathroom and put them in to show my family. OH MY GOD......the one side is so much higher than the other...when I smile with my mouth open, the left side teeth are almost a half inch or more higher than the right side. You can literally see the slant down.

My family laughed hysterically, not at me, but at the pathetic skills these "trained" and I use that term lightly, dentists used to make these dentures. They are now closed but I will be having it out with the office manager but think that first, I will ask to speak with the owner and contact the better business bureau. By the way, this is the York, PA store so everyone beware....they do not know how to make or fit dentures.

Do not use them.


i paid 1,800 for cumfort dentures, well they r anything but, i hate aspen dental, my *** is off and they did not even do a *** eval. i can't chew my food properly, and they r just awful I am so disgusted avoid aspen dental for dentures!!!!! :cry

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